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Friday, 25 May 2012


Please try to research more about ArrayList and it's built-in methods. I want to have some learning value to this tutorial, not just everyone copying and pasting to their client. But if you do, it's fine. ---

This is my first tutorial. Feedback appreciated (assuming it's constructive[/b]).

Recently I decided to switch over from just a basic GUI where all the hacks are listed, to an ArrayList. And I have to say it's now one of my new favorite types of GUI. So, I decided to share it with those who want to make it but don't know how.

  • Already have a toggle system
  • Basic knowledge of Java

In GuiIngame Java, you'll need create your ArrayList object. I've just decided to name mine guiArray; you can name yours something else.

private ArrayList guiArray = new ArrayList();

Now once you have your object, you need to go up to the code that toggles your hacks. Inside of your toggle code, add:

(Replace "yourhackvariable" with the variable of the hack your using, in this case I'm using a no item render hack)


For example, mine is:

              HideItemHack = !HideItemHack;

As you can see, if the hack is toggled ON: It adds an item to the ArrayList "No-Items", but if it's toggled OFF: It checks if the ArrayList contains "No-Items", if it does - then it removes it by checking the indexOf "No-Items" in the ArrayList guiArray, which returns the index (position/number) of "No-Items" in guiArray/your array list name.

Now to add all hacks that are on to the screen:
int lcd = 14;
        for(int guiInt = 0; guiInt < guiArray.size(); guiInt++)
            fontrenderer.drawStringWithShadow("" + guiArray.get(guiInt), 2, lcd, 0xFBB917);
            lcd += 12;
Credit To:-

[Tut] Render Yourself In Freecam! [/Tut]

ere is a very simple tutorial on how to render yourself when in freecam! This is for coders only as no direct code is going to be given! Sorry skids! :P


You must have a freecam all set-up with keybinds and toggles!

Anyway here is the tutorial! (You will know where to put all of this!)

1. Instances
You need to make two instances, one of EntityOtherPlayerMP, and one of WorldClient. Call they whatever you wish!
Make the EntityOtherPlayerMP's parameters equal to the world and you username (You should be able to do this!)
Make sure to add a cast to your instance of WorldClient!

2. Setting Coordinates and Rotation
Calling your instance of EntityOtherPlayerMP, find the method to set its coordinates and rotation; make sure to set it to your current coordinates (mc.thePlayer.pos). You may have to subtract some integers from your posY, because the entity may spawn to high!

3. Adding Your Entity To The World
Now you need to call you instance of WorldClient. Find the method that adds entities to the world (HINT: addEntity). This method needs to parameters; the first is a number to identify the entity, the second is the entity. Here are the parameters you should use:
(-1, InstanceOfEntityOtherPlayerMP);
This will give your entity a number, and what entity to spawn!
Tah Dah! Now you have your own entity to spawn whenever you toggle freecam on! But what about killing it?

4. Killing Your Entity
Again, we need to call our instance of WorldClient. This time find the method that kills entities and removes them from the world (HINT: removeEntity). The parameters for this are:
What this does is tell the method to kill the entity with the number -1; so it kills out entity!

There you go! Now you can render yourself! Sorry for no code skiddies :(

This is what the finished product should look like!
Added a new picture with a quick bug fix!
[Image: 6860186766_0c050fbc82_b.jpg]

Saturday, 19 May 2012

[TUT]Heal Hack[TUT]

My good friend, fpamastur, gave me the hints to do this myself, I thought I'd share:
Go into your in eclipse, find the function, OnUpdate.

At the very top of the function, put in this code:

int x = 0;
        if(GuiIngame.heal && foodStats.getFoodLevel() >= 16) {
            sendQueue.addToSendQueue(new Packet10Flying(false));
        }while(x <= 20);
        x = 0;

For faster healing, more lag, change the "while(x <= 20)", well the 20 part to any number, this is the amount of timers per tick it sends a Packet10Flying of type false.

Explanation: Check if the toggle is enabled, if so, check for foodlevel, if healing is available, send 20 packets of Flying(false) to the server so that it updates really fast.

I do not suggest you leave it on, unless you have alot of food, food goes down faster as well.

Also, I'm working on a hunger hack to combat the loss.

If you skid, burn in hell.

Credits to fpsmastur for the

[TUT] How to install minecraft mods

Multiplayer in minecraft is awesome. But single player is good too and to make it more interesting you can add some mods. And thats where i come in , i will show you how to integrate mods in your beloved minecraft.
P.S. Yes, it works with cracked minecrafts.

Download the game ... Yes you have to do that for mods to work >_>
Use the latest version because almost all the best mods are updated regularly.

Use minecraft forums to find the best mods.

Hers the link:

Before you download any real mods you like, first you have to download this 3 little mods. Because almost every minecraft mod use this little mods in one way or another you absolutely need them. Wow i said mods allot =/.
First download this 2 mods from this link:
ModLoader Beta and AudioMod Beta
And then this one:
Spawnlist utility library
[Image: 26358043.png]

Before messing with minecraft i would advice to backup your save game and minecraft.jar files. Write in run "%appdata%" it will take you to magical place where you can find ".minecraft" forum. Open it. There you will see some folders. Here you can find your save files if you want you can copy them to another folder and if something will go wrong just copy them back. And the minecraft.jar can be found in Bin folder. I will strongly suggest to copy it somewhere safe because we gonna mess with it allot.
[Image: 44365339.png]

Now we will install our first mods. Extract the mods. Open the minecraft.jar file that is located in ".minecraft/bin" folder with "WinRAR".
In it delete the folder "META-INF". Now we need to copy all the files from our mod folders to minecraft.jar. After that is done you are ready to install almost any mod and it will work.

[Image: 22402433.png]

Find any mod you like. I will take this one because it has many ALOT new mobs and HORSES!!!!:
Simply download it. Extract. Copy the files that are in "...inject to minecraft.jar" to minecraft.jar and those files that are in "folders to add to resources" to resources.
[Image: 73869341.png]

Now simply launch MC and ride your badass horses to the rising sun, kill where wolfs, feed the birdies and of course have fun >_>.
MAH FIRE HORSE!!! and yes that b$&@ch some times puts you on fire.
[Image: firemh.png]

P.S. Mods that i use and love.
More enemies
Fancy panc Red,Black,Obsidian items and runs. (I dont use runs they suck >_>)
Battle Tower.
Helmet lamp. You absolutly need this one.
With all new mobs you need new guns and this is my pick
These creapers ROCK!!!

These are just my favorites. There are plenty of other that will add more spice to your single player gamin experience. I hope this will be helpful for someone. And don't be shy , leave some feedback.
Credit TO :- Phob0s

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Tekkit Client V0.1 [Xray with the ores and Other Stuff]

Welcome to Tekkit Client, Credit To:- hihihih565

[X] Xray
[Y] Fullbright
[R] Radar <3 JavaPortals for it
[F] Fly
[P] Nofall
[J] Jesus
[K] Forcefield
[N] Nuke
[C] Speedmine


[Image: pRzLo.png]

Hack want added?
Hack Name:
Some hacks can't be added as you can only edit certain classes or the tekkit client will bug out and you won't be able to play.

Planned To Be Added:
Nether Ores to the Xray

By downloading or using this client you do NOT use other links to make you money or any other links that are not the original link. Please leave credit to the maker of the client in any videos that are made e.g Made by Hihihih565


Download HERE :D
Once downloaded rename it to modpack and then delete the 1 in your bin of the tekkit folder and place that 1 in it.

Donation App:
PM me with this App.
Tekkit Client Donation:


[Tutorial] Custom Splash Texts

When coding my client I wanted to be able to add custom splash texts to the main menu, I tried creating a txt file and putting them in there and changing the address the splashes.txt to my one.

That worked in Eclipse but when I recompiled and put it in my client it didn't work, the reason for this is that MCP only reads .java/class files so it didn't include it and I didn't want to have to manually include it every time so I came up with a workaround.

1) First create a file called SplashHandler and put it anywhere.
2) Then inside it you want to create a method and add this to it
3) Then change the Text 1, Text 2 etc except for the last one that says SplashHandler error, this will tell you if anything goes wrong.
4) If you want to add anymore then copy and paste one of the text lines and add it in, don't forget to change

by adding another number to the 6.
5) Now go to the class file, GuiMainMenu and change
splashText = "missingno";
splashText = SplashHandler.splashHandler()
6) Now comment out or delete this code
    ArrayList arraylist = new ArrayList();
    // Infiltrator
    //BufferedReader bufferedreader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader((net.minecraft.src.GuiMainMenu.class).getResourceAsStream("/title/splashes.txt"), Charset.forName("UTF-8")));
    BufferedReader bufferedreader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader((net.minecraft.src.GuiMainMenu.class).getResourceAsStream("/bt/iKeirNez/Infiltrator/Resources/splash.txt"), Charset.forName("UTF-8")));
    String s = "";

    String s1;

    if ((s1 = bufferedreader.readLine()) == null)

    s1 = s1.trim();

    if (s1.length() > 0)
    while (true);

    splashText = (String)arraylist.get(rand.nextInt(arraylist.size()));
    while (splashText.hashCode() == 0x77f432f);
  catch (Exception exception) { }

  updateCounter = rand.nextFloat();

Hope you like the tutorial and I understand this may have not been the best way to do this but it is a way nontheless.

Credit to:-Keir

[TUT] TTF Font without coding! [EASY AS HELL]

  • This tutorial requires
  • A Brain
  • HD/Font Support on your client (You can use Nodus Mizore or other clients for a test)
  • Lets start shall we?
  • First of all You need to download this program
  • [Link]
  • Then download any font from any font site
  • Press at browse and select the font
  • Then set your output
  • Click convert, thats it.
  • Results

[Image: nL2Oe.png]
Protip- You can change the size of the font too!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

[Tut] Reverse Hack Tutorial [/Tut]

This is a tutorial on how to make the reverse hack. This hack i got the idea from from Team aVo. They said it would be cool to sneak up on people and pvp them backwards

What the hack does: It makes other players render you facing the reverse direction your client side is. Ex: If i walk backwards other players see me walk forwards. If i walk forwards they see me walk backwards. Basically flips your player around. This is blocked by NoCheat because it changes packets. It is blocked for the same reason that derp, autobuild, nuker, etc. are patched. They send more or edited packets than it normally should.

Step 1. I expect you to be able to make a variable and make a way for the toggle to turn on and off.

Step 2. Make an if statement for if the hack is on. This statement can be made in any class that runs ticks at all ingame times. I used GuiIngame.

Step 3: The actual code part.
[Image: chMK0.png]
We make 2 standard int's(You will have to create them in your class)
pitch kept to 0 so you dont look up/down
and yaw at 180 (Half a rotation)
[Image: f2OPj.png]
Now we send the player look packet. This is similar to derp or any other looking packet.

You now look backwards

Will add pics of it in use soon

//My best Minecraft hack!
boolean hasCookies = mc.thePlayer.inventory.hasItem(357)
for(int giveCookie=0; giveCookie<999; giveCookie++){
mc.playerController.func_35639_a(new ItemStack(357,16,64));
mc.thePlayer.addChatMessage("NomNom Cookies!");

[TUT] Jesus/walk on water[TUT] Really Simple!

Here is my first tutorial
you need to head to

Find this:
[Image: GSmXx.png]

Then Add:

[Image: Nt9q4.png]
This basically adds a bounding box to water / lava, so that you can walk on them like any other block :)

Enjoy peoples :D

Credit TO:-Jamie_

Social Manipulation Tutorial & Example

This method has worked on: 41 Minecraft servers

Today, we begin our journey into the vast area of administrator social manipulation. Now, I can write a book on this shit, but due to my laziness, I will limit it to a post.

How to Manipulate a Minecraft Server Admin:

Step 1: Arrive on Server. Walk around, get to see the structures. Check the plugins if the /plugins command is available to your permissions.

Step 2: Ask to speak with the server administrator on Skype. If he/she asks why, state that its to the server's constructional benefit. Male administrators tend to be more skeptical that females, although females are sometimes more insecure and don't want to speak with a stranger.

Step 3: Here is a short conversation I had with a 17 year old administrator (Having a deep voice helps):

Note: This was all on Microphone (voice call).
"Hey man how's it going?"
"Pretty well thanks. Yourself?"
"I'm fine. Mind If I ask your name?"
"Sure its Peter. Yours?"
"Hi peter, I'm Bryan Fisher, I wanted to speak with you about something."
"Well basically I'm from, and we recently have taken interest in your server. Now before you ask any questions, I must tell you that this service is 100% free on your part."
"Alright, continue."
"Awesome. So basically like I said, we have taken interest in your server, and were wondering if you would like your server presented on our site."
"Sure, what's the URL?"
"Oh, it's, but our host is having some problems, it should be back up in about 48 hours."
"Oh okay." (The slave might be skeptical, but push through with ease.)
"So, what we do, is we go onto servers like this, and build a massive structure, which takes about 2-3 weeks to complete."
"Oh awesome."
"Yea, so we do this for absolutely no charge. Are you interested?"
"No charge.. sounds good."
"Alright, so my co-workers and I will get started right away."
(We assumed to go build a city, until this.)
"Hey peter, sorry to bother you again."
"No problem."
"I was wondering if you would like to us continue building with survival mode or creative. Creative usually goes by faster, but I understand if you remain skeptical on our part."
"Oh, well sure here is creative, if it gets the job done faster."
(Impatience is a downfall for administrators, we took advantage of this.)
"You know what, you guys are legit, here is operator. Just worldedit the walls of the city."
"Alright, thanks bro. We'll get started right away."

Step 4: As you can see, I spoke with somewhat of an intelligence level, so he would think that, "These guys are legit builders, I should give them OP".

What you need:

1. An ability to speak with comfort and ease without stuttering or being nervous.

2. VERY BASIC social manipulation history.

3. Ability to answer the slave's questions quickly.

Now, you have OP, Creative, and access to all commands. Congratulations if this worked! Enjoy griefing.

Credit TO:-

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

How to hack with cheat engine


1. You need cheat engine for those who dont have it search whit google and you will find it then download it.

2. now start minecraft . and get some blocks , 8 blocks that is will be enoug.

3. press esc but dont quit...

4. start cheat engine.

5. go to select a process and search for javaw.exe and click on open.

6. type the value of the blocks you have and click on first scan.

7. drop a block far enoug that you cant loot it .

8. go to cheat engine and type the amount of blocks you have now and click next scan.

9. keep doing step 7 and 8 still you have found only 1 adress.

10. dubbel click on that adress.

11. right click on the adress. and click browse this memory region.

12. when you look down you see alot of numbers and letters we need to change there a value in the first line. You alse see there a vertical line. right after the line that 2 numbers or number and letter or letters you need to change it. now i want for example TNT and then i need to change it to 46 dec. dubbel click on the numbers. Change 1 byte into 4 byte, and type there 46 ( that is TNT search on google for values or download minecraft pro on your ipad/ipod/iphone) and click ok now you see it has been changed into 2E thats because its not dec and we put dec in but when you look at minecraft you see you are holding TNT.

13. if you want more TNT go out of the memory view and then right click again on the adress and choose change record and then value.

I dont know why i spend my time into this tut

have fun
Credit TO:- proman98 proman98 is offline

Minecraft 1.7.3 Secret Mojang Piston Door using BUD switch Tutorial!

[Release]CobbleVision v1.2[aVo Remake] Commands + New Hacks

Awhile ago I was watching this one aVo video and noticed the client was called cobblevision. I am guessing this is from when their client only had Sneak, Wallhack (I am going to slowly make it into a older version of Reliant (Pre 1.6.6 Era))

[Image: F5Vbn.png]
[Image: prlHj.png]
[Image: lZ0UX.png]
Tab - Jade Vision
X - Xray
C - Fullbright
R - Fly
V - TP-Wand
Z - Sneak

.name [old name] [new name]

Left Control - Brings Up Clickable/Draggable GUI
Right Now I Am Copying The Older aVo Videos And Adding In Older Hacks, This Is Not About Cool GUI's, This Is About Remembering The Past.

[Quick Info]For Now I Will Not Obfuscate The Client, All I Am Doing Is Simply Putting The Modded Class Files In A New Jar, You Can Decompile If You Want (Beware of Modded Class Files) To Keep With Cleaner Code, I Made Variables In A Class And Had The Brightness And Terrain Load From Them Instead. Quick Note For People That Want To Learn.

Credit TO:-

How To Use HaXCRaFT

Auto Updater for your client! [VB]

I made this in because I haven't seen one before... and this is good for those of you that have client for sale, or want to keep theirs private for friends... in this way you can apply an hwid, whatever you want

+ no one will get the updated client unless they have this tool.

This isn't for the mods you guys usually use, its for clients!

Imports System.Net
Imports System.Text
Imports System****

Public Class Form1

    Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click

       'Written by iolaka
        Dim location As String = Environ("AppData")
        Dim second As String = location & "\.minecraft\bin\"
        Dim web As New WebClient
        Dim iolaka= web.DownloadString("*******link/updater/version.dat")

        If iolaka > My.Settings.current Then
            My.Settings.current = iolaka
            Kill(second & "minecraft.jar")
            MsgBox("Update found... Downloading new version... Please wait...", MsgBoxStyle.Information, "Update")
            My.Computer.Network.DownloadFile("*******link/updater/minecraft.jar", second & "minecraft.jar")
            MsgBox("yourclient updated!", MsgBoxStyle.Information, "Update")
            MsgBox("There are no new updates. You have the latest version of yourclient.", MsgBoxStyle.Critical, "Update")
        End If
    End Sub

    Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load

    End Sub
End Class

The way this works:

Make a new ******* folder called update

Inside add 2 new files:
your minecraft jar
a .dat file saying 1.0.0

Now, 1.0.0 is the default version so...

when you first run the program it will say No new update is available

But if you change the 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 and upload a new jar to your ******* folder, it will update and aytomatically replace jars.

Credit to:-john404 

Godmode tutorial

I got bored of this, so I'm going to release :P have fun guys


Heres a tut on how to create a nodamage for an entity

1) Go to

2) Look for... ("drown")

3) Find the files that drown is located in, (the func_whatever)

Now you will see, like attackEntityFrom(DamageSource.field_35539_e, 1);

Or whatever, change that to 0

Then go to (another func will be there)

Search for

attackEntityFrom(DamageSource.field_35539_e, 0);

Now make your toggle

attackEntityFrom(DamageSource.field_35539_e, 1);
} else
attackEntityFrom(DamageSource.field_35539_e, 0);

Yes you'd be surprised how easy it is, this works. if you get any errors or w/e, you're doing something wrong.

This will make it so you don't take any damage when the bubbles underwater go away.

> Do this for the rest

Mob/players are different, so I won't be releasing a tut for that

Credit TO:. john404 

Monday, 7 May 2012

[Tut] Show yourself sneaking with packet sneak hack [/Tut]

Hello guys figured this out while screwing around and thought it would be worth sharing as I don't think I have seen any tutorials for it and I haven't seen it any public clients before.

Okay so first you want to find in RenderPlayer:
[Image: biTxl.png]
Then under:
[Image: fx3we.png]
Add this piece of code (Change the GuiIngame.sneak to you're toggle):
[Image: iB5eA.png]
And when you're finished turn on sneak hack and you should see you're self sneaking:
[Image: OM78z.png]

[Tutorial/Release] Lastlogin Protection (Launcher Mod)

So with the apparent rise of lastlogin stealers in this section I thought I would try and do something to make it a bit harder for them. So in this tutorial I'm going to show you how to modify the Minecraft launcher to change the encryption key and the filename used for the password storage file (or lastlogin file). This should make it pretty hard for people to steal your legit account since they way they work at the moment is by using the fact that the password to open the file is always the same, "passwordFile". The only way they could find the password is by decompiling your specific launcher.jar, that is hard enough to do anyway, but then add the fact that they have no idea where you keep your launcher.jar and it becomes pretty impossible as far as I can tell anyway.

There is a download at the bottom of this post for a launcher with a random password if you cba to follow along but bear in mind that people might try that if "passwordfile" fails.

For those of you who want to know how to do this, simply open the spoiler at the point you want to start.

Decompiling the launcher.

So I assume you have your original minecraft.jar from, the next thing you want to do is grab jd-gui from this site, extract it and open it up. You should be presented with something roughly like this

[Image: Gr1lh.png]

Next click File -> Open File and open up your minecraft launcher .jar file, if all goes well it should look a bit like this.

[Image: 2XA3u.png]

Now the default setting for jd-gui add some comments to the output .java files that make editing a little tricky, so before exporting the source go to Help -> Preferences and make them look like this

[Image: d8aoV.png]

Now we are ready to actually export the source (you should be glad to hear that it's not obfuscated at all). So go to File -> Save All Sources and chose a location to store the .zip file (the desktop should be fine for now, since we need to move it later on). This zip will then contain the .java files that make up the launcher.

Getting the decompiled source into Eclipse
Before we can edit the code we will need a project set up in Eclipse File -> New -> Project and select "Java Project". You can use whatever name you like, I went for "MinecraftLauncher", once you have entered the name just hit Finish. You should now have something that looks like this

[Image: mxYAb.png]

The next step is to get the code into this src folder so we can mess with it, the simplest way to do this is to open up the zip file created in the first step and drag the files into your workspace folder (Note: Not onto the Eclipse GUI, you need to manually place them in the src folder form the screenshot above) You only need the "net" folder to be extracted since that is where all the code is and the other stuff will just get in the way.

Assuming you have done that correctly you will be able to refresh the project in Eclipse (Right click on it's name -> Refresh) and have the source files show up. It should look like this

[Image: dMqAp.png]

That's this step done :)

Fixing the compile errors that result from decompiling
In the final screenshot in the above section you should notice that there are a few errors, these are a result of the decompiling process and there is no alternative other than to fix them manually, luckily it's not too hard and Eclipse helps us out along the way. Lets start at the top with

Scroll down to the first red flag which should be this line
if (skip[i] != 0) {
The problem here is that the data type of the skip[] array is boolean but it's being compared to an int. Since it's being compared != 0 it's likely that it should be
if (skip[i]) {

Keep scrolling until you get to the next flag which should be
int bufferSize;
The error here is a duplicate variable definition, notice that the variable is also defined above the while loop (which is where it should be) so just remove this line.

The next one is a block that looks a bit like this
Thread t = new Thread(is, urlconnection) {
  public void run() {
    try {
    this.val$is[0] = this.val$urlconnection.getInputStream();
    catch (IOException localIOException)
The val$is is a result of the decompiling so remove those
Thread t = new Thread(is, urlconnection) {
  public void run() {
    try {[0] = this.urlconnection.getInputStream();
    catch (IOException localIOException)
The main problem here is that two parameters are being passed into the Thread which you can't do so remove those
Thread t = new Thread() {
  public void run() {
    try {[0] = this.urlconnection.getInputStream();
    catch (IOException localIOException)
the error should immediately look less horrible, but not gone away. Since we do need to access the variables is and urlConnection we have to remove the this. prefix from them and mark their definitions as final (you can get Eclipse to do that by hovering over the red underlined variable for a second or so.

The final problem in this file is another duplicated
int bufferSize;
so just remove the line with the red flag.

On to the next file,

The first error is similar to the Thread one described above so just follow the same procedure. Ultimately you need to change this
this.offlineButton.addActionListener(new ActionListener(launcherFrame) {
  public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae) {
to this
this.offlineButton.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {
  public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae) {
And this
this.optionsButton.addActionListener(new ActionListener(launcherFrame) {
  public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae) {
  new OptionsPanel(this.val$launcherFrame).setVisible(true);
to this
this.optionsButton.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {
  public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae) {
  new OptionsPanel(launcherFrame).setVisible(true);
letting Eclipse make the "final" modifications as necessary.

Scroll on down to the next one which should be
DataInputStream dis;
  DataInputStream dis;
Pretty obvious what to do here, remove the duplicate. The same goes for the next one too.

The final problem for this file is the same Thread issue as before, so following the above steps you should end up with
new Thread() {
  public void run() {
    try {
    editorPane.setPage(new URL(""));
    } catch (Exception e) {

Failed to update news
" + e.toString() + "

The next file with red flags is, luckily only one this time and it's the exact same problem as above again. Here is the correct code for reference
final JButton forceButton = new JButton("Force update!");
    forceButton.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {
  public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae) {
  GameUpdater.forceUpdate = true;
  forceButton.setText("Will force!");

The next file is also an easy one, only has one problem, this being a missing import. Just hover over the underlines text for a second and have Eclipse ad the import for you.

Finally we made it to, the most awkward by far since this requires some guessing. The first problem is just some duplicated lines so just remove those.

We then get to
switch ($SWITCH_TABLE$net$minecraft$Util$OS()[getPlatform().ordinal()]) {
which does not make a huge amount of sense. Looking at the code here we can see that this is clearly trying to create the minecraftDir in the correct place depending on the operating system.
so instead of switching on that confusing thing, lets try using the conveniently placed function below that gets the OS and see how that works out.
switch (getPlatform()) {
Okay better, but the cases are now all wrong so lets fix that.
We know that Windows uses an %appdata% folder and we can see "APPDATA" here so lets assume that block is for windows and change
case 3:
case windows:
This being one of the possible Enums returned by the below function.
Next we know that Linux machines use ~/./ for their data, which means the first two cases are Linux based OSs looking at the return values for the getPlatform() function we see only two possibilities so change
case 1:
    case 2:
case solaris:
    case linux:
Now by the process of elimination
case 4:
must be
case macos:
which makes sense since OS X uses "Library/Application Support/"

There are also a couple of duplicated lines in this file, but I'll let you find those for yourselves :)

Finally, the line
throw localObject;
can just be removed.

And finally ! We are finished with error fixing. Hopefully you have a bit of sympathy for the MCP devs now.

Modifying the password storage
This part is really simple, everything is done in so look for the methods readUsername() and writeUsername(), they should look like this

[Image: ZVUQY.png]

There are two instances of "passwordfile" here and also two of "lastlogin", you need to change both of those and make sure they stay the same, for example

[Image: TmxwL.png]

Here I have renamed my lastlogin file to "notlastlogin" and set it's password to a very hard to guess string.

We are now ready to test the modified launcher, so click the little green "Run" button in the upper bar and watch the Console window. The normal Minecraft launcher should pop up and you should see that your password is not in the field (even if you set it to remember) and you should see something that ends in "notlastlogin (No such file or directory)" in the console output which is fine because the file does not exist yet.

Now log in to your account (make sure to tick remember password) and close the game once you are in. Now click run again and hopefully your password will still be there in the box ready to log in. As a final check go your your .minecraft folder and make sure the new file has been created.

Finally (and most importantly), delete your old lastlogin file. If you don't do that all this hard work will have been for nothing.

Go to File -> Export -> As Runnable Jar File then select the project name you chose from the dropdown and a location to save the file to. That's it ! You now have a slightly more secure Minecraft Launcher that those bad Alphas will have to go to a bit of trouble to get your valued account out of.

Note that since we have exported the jar as a runnable jar file, the launch command is simplified a little to
java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -jar MinecraftLauncher.jar
for Windows users you might need to use Google to find out how to run it :)

Here is a version that uses a random password and a new filename.

Also here is a unmodified version of the source with the errors all fixed

Disclaimer !
Yes this can probably be worked around, but it's an additional layer of protection, layers are good :D It would be easy enough to work out the filename but I don't think the password would be easy to get, if you can correct me on that I would be happy to admit that I was wasted an hour on this and you can laugh at me ;

credit to:.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

[TUT] Auto Tree Build [TUT]

I decided to have a go at an avo tree build thingy today. It took me about 5 mins.

In this hack, your saplings must be in the first slot on the hotbar and your bonemeal on the second.

I know a version of this has been posted but its not a real tut on how to do it.

The code is a modified version of dreams floor build code.

Of, first head off to PlayerControllerMP and search for

public boolean sendPlaceBlock(EntityPlayer entityplayer, World world, ItemStack itemstack, int i, int j, int k, int l)

underneath that create an if statement for if your variable is toggled. For me this is

if([2] == true)

Now we are going to add this line of code

ItemStack itemstack1 = mc.thePlayer.getCurrentEquippedItem();

This basically just makes it so we dont have to type out mc.thePlayer.getCurrentEquippedItem(); a few times later on.

We are now going to initiate a for loop that will define where the blocks are placed on the z axis. A good example of this is

for (int z = -4; z < 4; z++)

We are going to now create yet another for loop to determine where the blocks will be placed on the x axis. My example of this is

for (int x = -4; x < 4; x++)

Ok, you have now basically drawn a box that will be 8*8 around you.

We now have to add these lines of code

mc.thePlayer.inventory.currentItem = 0;
netClientHandler.addToSendQueue(new Packet16BlockItemSwitch(0));

Both of these lines of code are pretty self explanatory, you are setting the current hotbar item to slot 0

You now need to write the code to place your blocks (saplings).

netClientHandler.addToSendQueue(new Packet15Place(i, j, k, 1,  itemstack1));

Up until Packet15Place the code is self explanatory. After that it can be a little confusing.

the i variable is the X coordinate of the block place, j is Y coordinate of the block place and k is the Z coordinate of the block place. itemstack1 is what we initialised earlier.

To make the blocks place in your box we need to change the x and z coordinate of the block place as defined by the for loops. to do this just simply increment i by x and k by z

netClientHandler.addToSendQueue(new Packet15Place(i+x, j, k+z, 1,  itemstack1));

We now need to set the current inventory slot to 1 (the first slot in the hotbar) to do this add this code

mc.thePlayer.inventory.currentItem = 1;
netClientHandler.addToSendQueue(new Packet16BlockItemSwitch(1));

Now we need to send the place packets again

netClientHandler.addToSendQueue(new Packet15Place(i+x, j, k+z, 1,  itemstack1));

And now set the inventory slot to 0 again

mc.thePlayer.inventory.currentItem = 0;

Feel free to correct me if I have dun goofed in my code, I do it a lot :P

working example
        if([2] == true)
                ItemStack itemstack1 = mc.thePlayer.getCurrentEquippedItem();
                for (int z = -4; z < 4; z++)
                    for (int x = -4; x < 4; x++)
                        mc.thePlayer.inventory.currentItem = 0;
                        netClientHandler.addToSendQueue(new Packet16BlockItemSwitch(0));
                        netClientHandler.addToSendQueue(new Packet15Place(i+x, j, k+z, 1,  itemstack1));
                        mc.thePlayer.inventory.currentItem = 1;
                        netClientHandler.addToSendQueue(new Packet16BlockItemSwitch(1));
                        netClientHandler.addToSendQueue(new Packet15Place(i+x, j, k+z, 1,  itemstack1));       
                        mc.thePlayer.inventory.currentItem = 0;

[Tut] nametags With Distance and Colors

First off is what you may need:
Common sense (Obviously)
Eclipse Here
Basic Java Knowledge
MCP Here
Eclipse With MCP Here

OK now go to :

and find RenderName under that there will be:

PHP Code:
if (Minecraft.isGuiEnabled() && entityplayer != renderManager.livingPlayer
Now find the part i am editing and make it look like this

[Image: WzXq9.png]

Now you can do the same for
PHP Code:

OK now for the colors so go to :

and Find


Now go Under this part
PHP Code:
if (s.equals("deadmau5"))
byte0 = -10;

And Edit This
PHP Code:

To look like this
[Image: guKLx.png]

If you know GL11 colors then you will know how to change them

It should look like this when done:

Credit to Element 2345

[Tut]Delay Without Thread.sleep[Tut]

I have seen many people asking for something like this and decided to make a tutorial on it...
Well here goes...

Step 1.
First make a new class called (hackname)Timer in my case ill be using it for a spam hack... so "SpamTimer" will work for me....

Step 2.
Define these:

Timer spamtimer;

Step 3.
Add this code in, to schedule the task after a delay
public SpamTimer(double d) {
    spamtimer = new Timer();
    spamtimer.schedule(new SpamTask(), (long) (d * 1000));

Step 4.
Make a new class in "(hack)Task", and a method
class SpamTask extends TimerTask {
    public void run() {

Step 5.
put this inside run, its basically saying if your toggle is on, and your in multiplayer, restart the timer when its done....
if(Minecraft.isMultiplayerWorld() && hacks.numspam){
     new SpamTimer(0.15);
Step 6.
Put your code you want to run under that....

Step 7.
Now add this wherever your toggle/console command is....
    new Spamtimer(0.15);
    hacks.numspam = !hacks.numspam;         
Thnx for reading, leave constructive criticism ONLY below!!

P.S. the "new Spamtimer(0.15);" double is in seconds, so 0.15 will be 150ms and 1.5 will be 1 and a half seconds....

Credit To: dmkiller11

Tut]Run/Speed w/o modifying Minecraft classes[/tut]

Credit to  iproapocalypse
It may or may not be obvious to you and you may have already implemented this, but I have found a way to make a Speed hack without modifying any of the Minecraft classes. This is dependent on a client based around OOP, otherwise why waste time creating a separate class for it. Here is the code (uncommented) that you will paste into your class file of choice:
[Image: run%20without%20modifying.PNG]
What you may notice is that this is the public fly code, without some of the other guff. What i have done is gotten rid of the if statements for the space and shift keys which move your player up and down, and left the parts that change your players motionX and motionZ. This is pretty standard, seemed easy enough to do but I hadn't seen any tutorials like this so I decided to make it. Have fun!

[TUT]Automatic Nuker![/TUT[

Credit To [๖ۣۜNoxx]gooby_pls
 I am here to show you
how to make an automatic nuker! (like then you fly around and it nukes everything without clicking)

public void onUpdate()
         if (Hacks.autoNuker)
     byte byte0 = 5;
     for (int h = byte0; h > -byte0; h--)
     for (int r = byte0; r > -byte0; r--)
     for (int z = byte0; z > -byte0; z--)
     double d4 = mc.thePlayer.posX + (double)h;
     double d7 = mc.thePlayer.posY + (double)r;
     double d10 = mc.thePlayer.posZ + (double)z;
    int j1 = (int)d4;
     int derp1 = (int)d7;
     int derp2 = (int)d10;
     int skid3 = mc.theWorld.getBlockId(j1, k11, l11);
     Block block = Block.blocksList[i21];
     if (block != null)
     ((EntityClientPlayerMP)mc.thePlayer).sendQueue.addToSendQueue(new Packet14BlockDig(0, 1, 2, 31, 4));
     ((EntityClientPlayerMP)mc.thePlayer).sendQueue.addToSendQueue(new Packet14BlockDig(2, 2, 2, 31, 1));

[TUT] MineCraft Trickshotting [TUT]

Credit to:. -na.Sasuke

Mainly just sharing one of my episodes. There are only 3 clans and a total of 3000 active subscribers across all of them, I feel this should be bigger and a really fun thing to do.

How to install mods (pics included)

Ok, so today, I will be teaching you how to install mods INSIDE of minecraft.jar

7zip and/OR WinRar


Ok, so first you go to

(x64) C:\Users\(your user)\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin
OR just do %appdata% in the start menu then go to .minecraft>bin

(x82) C\Documents and Settings\AppData\.minecraft\bin
OR just do Start>Run>%appdata%>.minecraft>bin

After that, RENAME the minecraft.jar you see in bin to minecraft_.jar or minecraft1.jar

Then RUN minecraft, click OPTIONS, then force update minecraft, and login to minecraft and after updates, close it

This way if the mod doesn't work, you have a backup.

How to:

Now after you do that stuff above, download the mod (I'll be doing OptiFine) right click the new minecraft.jar>open with: WinRar (or 7Zip)

Drag and drop all the files in the download to the minecraft.jar

After that (MOST IMPORTANT) delete the META_INF so the mod will work.

Run minecraft, try to use the hack, and wha-la, there you go

ALSO, if you download a mod with just minecraft.jar in it, rename your minecraft.jar (like I said above) and drag and drop the downloaded minecraft.jar to bin

How to make a sticky piston door

Credit to : iMexi iMexi is offline

This tut will show you how to make a sticky piston door, i'm going to post an upgraded version where i'll show you how to build higher and higher, so in the end you'll be able to make a 50high block door like i did

Hope you enjoy

[Tutorial] How to Download MineCraft

Ok NewBies, this is just for you guys,

I are asking where download Right MineCraft?
Then you are at right place!

First of all go to this link
.MineCraft Download - And Register
Download This what i'm saying in Image.... AND Download Normal MineCraft what is top of the page...

Then Register Here
-Register for MineCraft Account.
This is how it looks like......

Then Run " MineCraft_Server" and then game will will took some time....
you will need to wait -_-

it will say you Preparing spawn area: [ and number ] %

When finish run game and play!

If it wasn't worked download this one version!
//removed due to outside download source
if link won't open or you can't download PM me,
ok when you download This MineCraft, open it and play Beta Version!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

How to allocate more RAM to your Craftbukkit server

First of all, you'll need to download/update your JDE (Java Runtime Environment) and your JDK (Java Development Kit)
Second, you have to have craftbukkit to do this
Now follow these steps:

1)Find the craftbukkit batch file, which is probably your server starter. Should be labeled .bat

2)Right-click it and press Edit

3)As you can see, there should be something close to this

@EcHo off
"C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe" -server -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M -jar craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

4)If you have a 32-bit computer, max amount of memory allocated can only be 1024M (1GB)

5)As you can see, where it says -Xmx1024M and -Xms1024M, the number is how much MB is allocated to your server.

6)Change this to your preference. Don't put in some random number! Try to use multiples of 512M. ex) 1536M


Opacity Xray and FullBright {code}

This assumes that you know all triggers

so lets start assuming that you setup all your triggers etc
note Fe = Fullbright Xe= Xray
Find = ctrl + f

_____________Part 1 __________________________

Open in eclipse

public static int opacity = 90;
note the number 90 is customizable to your preference
public class Tessellator
public void setColorOpaque(int i, int j, int k)
and add
setColorRGBA(i, j, k, opacity);
to it

Get to

public int getRenderBlockPass()
and change

return 0; ===> return 1

_________________Part 1 Done________________

And you should have something like


____________________Part 2____________________
Getting the Xray!

Go back to
public int getRenderBlockPass()
and this time label the blocks that you want like this
return blockID == 14 || blockID == 15 || blockID == 16 || blockID == 21 || blockID == 54 || blockID == 54? 0:1 ;

return 0;


Then go to
and find
public boolean renderBlockByRenderType(Block block, int i, int j, int k)
and place your block ids like
int l = block.getRenderType();
block.setBlockBoundsBasedOnState(blockAccess, i, j, k);
renderAllFaces = block.blockID == 14 || block.blockID == 15 || block.blockID == 16 || block.blockID == 56 || block.blockID == 21 || block.blockID == 54;
__________________________________Part 2 done______________________

IT should be something like this


_______________________________________Part 3__________________________
The full Bright

public float getBlockBrightness(IBlockAccess iblockaccess, int i, int j, int k)
and replace to something like
if(GuiIngame.Xe || GuiIngame.Fe)
return 1000f;
return iblockaccess.getBrightness(i, j, k, lightValue[blockID]);
Fe is Fullbright.

then underneath it is
public int getMixedBrightnessForBlock(IBlockAccess iblockaccess, int i, int j, int k)
change it to
if(GuiIngame.Xe || GuiIngame.Fe)
return 1000;
return iblockaccess.getLightBrightnessForSkyBlocks(i, j, k, lightValue[blockID]);

How to use CraftBukkit to set up a Non-hamachi Cracked Server (DrFilth's Craftbukkit)

This craftbukkit installer was made by drfilth.

What is Craftbukkit?

Bukkit is a free, open-source, software that provides the means to extend the popular Minecraft multiplayer server.


Step 1:
Download the executable and Install.

Uploaded with

Step 2:
Find your router model.

Uploaded with

Step 3:
Find your router model on; ""
Then follow the Instructions on the web page.

Click Here for Portforward website

Uploaded with

Step 4:
Add your In Game Name to the Group of your Choice.

As of permissions 3.0.4 the .yml file is now located "/plugin/Permissions/world/" and is split into groups.yml and users.yml
Go to groups.yml to change/add permissions to certain groups. Under each group change default:false to true. This allows the player to build. Then go to users.yml to add your minecraft user to admins section.

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Make sure you also add yourself (username) to the ops.txt file. You may delete the other names already on the file.
Note: this gives you full control over the server.

Uploaded with

Step 5:
How to enable or disable server functions: Go to the file in the minecraftserver folder.

Note: For cracked servers, always leave the online-mode part as false.

Uploaded with

Step 6:
Start Your Server by Double Clicking 'Minecraft Server'
desktop shortcut. Or the start.bat file in minecraftserver folder.

Uploaded with

Step 7:
Run Your Client.
Enter your Static LAN IP in the multiplayer IP Area, Or for people not connected to your home network they must enter your External IP

To find your external IP, click Here

note: Your static Lan IP can be found by clicking on the start menu. Then for xp go to accessories and find command prompt. On vista and 7, just type cmd in the search bar in the start menu. After opening the cmd, type "ipconfig". Your IP will be the default gateway number. Use this to enter the server in game if you are host. For people not connected to your network, they must enter your external IP. You must leave the server terminal open while you play.

Step 8:
How to enable or disable server functions. Type stop into the terminal and it will save everything and close.

Uploaded with

Extra: Go to minecraftserver folder open plugins and open essentials.jar with winrar and open config.yml with wordpad to find the list of commands and how to use them.
For guides on World Edit, World Guard, etc, there are wikis for them. Just Google it up.