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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

[Release]CobbleVision v1.2[aVo Remake] Commands + New Hacks

Awhile ago I was watching this one aVo video and noticed the client was called cobblevision. I am guessing this is from when their client only had Sneak, Wallhack (I am going to slowly make it into a older version of Reliant (Pre 1.6.6 Era))

[Image: F5Vbn.png]
[Image: prlHj.png]
[Image: lZ0UX.png]
Tab - Jade Vision
X - Xray
C - Fullbright
R - Fly
V - TP-Wand
Z - Sneak

.name [old name] [new name]

Left Control - Brings Up Clickable/Draggable GUI
Right Now I Am Copying The Older aVo Videos And Adding In Older Hacks, This Is Not About Cool GUI's, This Is About Remembering The Past.

[Quick Info]For Now I Will Not Obfuscate The Client, All I Am Doing Is Simply Putting The Modded Class Files In A New Jar, You Can Decompile If You Want (Beware of Modded Class Files) To Keep With Cleaner Code, I Made Variables In A Class And Had The Brightness And Terrain Load From Them Instead. Quick Note For People That Want To Learn.

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