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Saturday, 28 April 2012

[1.2.4] Nyan v0.31 | Aura | Nuker | Crash | Teleport | Capes | Waypoints

[Image: 6xpmP.png]

This client requires an increased amount of Avolition.


New main menu:
[Image: ZCG4K.png]

Account selection GUI:
[Image: 6LUPk.png]

Pwning 64 zombies on a NoCheat server:
[Image: gN8Uv.png]

Making people homeless on a NoCheat server with Nuker:
[Image: W1Hst.png]

Special Features:

Kill Aura
Kill Aura (-aura) forces critical hit and knockback, bypasses NoCheat (fight.direction & movement.morepackets), faces entities serverside without changing your player pitch and yaw, and supports entity filtering (All/Mob/Player). Aura reach is decreased from 6 blocks to 4.5 when NoCheat compatibility (-nocheat) is enabled.

Nuker (-nuker) is fast and works on survival and creative mode. It uses Automine to mine blocks and logs the destruction time of each block to avoid spamming packets (especially in creative mode) and being affected by network lag. It supports NoCheat bypass (toggled by -nocheat). Fastest nuker ever coded. :D

Teleport (-tp) does what the name says, it teleports you to any coordinates (works best in open areas). It bypasses fly-kick and works on any server without NoCheat. For easier teleporting, activate Click TP (-clicktp), which teleports you to any block you click and aim.

Damage Block
Damage Block (-block) takes advantage of the blocking mechanic in Minecraft, which allows you to take only half of any damage inflicted by entities while you are blocking. It sets you always blocking server-side while you are holding a sword without affecting your speed.

Server Crash
Use -crash tp to crash servers. Save this as a last resort, when there is nothing else that you can do to terrorize players and enrage admins. Note that this is based on teleport and therefore is patched by NoCheat.

Custom Capes
Nyan supports custom capes using PigBacon's Global Cape API! Upload your cape here.


For command usage, type -help [command].
aura - Toggles kill aura.
autofish - Toggles autofish.
automine - Toggles automine.
autosign - Toggles autosign.
autotool - Toggles autotool.
bind - Modifies keybinds.
block - Toggles damage block.
bow - Toggles instant bow.
bright - Toggles fullbright.
build - Toggles build.
clicktp - Toggles click teleport.
climb - Toggles wall climb.
cnuker - Toggles click nuker.
crash - Crashes the server.
cspam - Toggles console spam.
derp - Toggles derp mode.
drop - Drops your inventory.
eat - Toggles instant eat.
fastmine - Toggles fastmine.
fastplace - Toggles fastplace.
fly - Toggles flight.
friends - Manages the friends list.
god - Toggles godmode.
heal - Toggles instant heal.
help - Seriously? >_>
instant - Toggles instant mine.
jump - Toggles high jump.
labels - Toggles mob labels.
msg - Sends a predefined message.
nocheat - Toggles nocheat bypasses.
nofall - Toggles nofall.
nolag - Toggles nolag.
nopush - Toggles nopush.
noswing - Toggles noswing.
nuker - Toggles nuker.
portal - Toggles instant portal.
pos - Shows your current position.
radar - Toggles radar.
smash - Toggles smash.
sneak - Toggles sneak.
spam - Spams a message.
spawn - Spawns items in creative.
spout - Sends SpoutCraft spoof.
sprint - Toggles sprint.
step - Toggles step.
tp - Teleports the player.
test - Nothing to see here...
throw - Throws or places your current item.
tracer - Toggles tracer.
up - Teleports you vertically.
water - Toggles solid water.
waypoint - Manages waypoints.
xray - Toggles xray.

Key Binding:
Keybinds can be edited with -bind.

-bind add [key] [msg]
-bind remove [key]

[key] is the name of the key.
[msg] is the message/command binded to the key.

-bind add H Hello World!
-bind remove H

Miscellaneous Info:
Middle click a player to toggle friend.
Cracked servers are shown in blue in the server list.
Collision does not stop sprinting.
Send chat messages within the workbench GUI.
Nopush stops knockback and water flow.
Hurt camera is disabled.
Void Fog is removed.
Account Settings manages sessions and accounts.
Proxy Switcher activates SOCKS proxies.
I did not code any threads in this client (except for update checker).

Recent Changes:

* Update to Minecraft 1.2.4

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