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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Social Manipulation Tutorial & Example

This method has worked on: 41 Minecraft servers

Today, we begin our journey into the vast area of administrator social manipulation. Now, I can write a book on this shit, but due to my laziness, I will limit it to a post.

How to Manipulate a Minecraft Server Admin:

Step 1: Arrive on Server. Walk around, get to see the structures. Check the plugins if the /plugins command is available to your permissions.

Step 2: Ask to speak with the server administrator on Skype. If he/she asks why, state that its to the server's constructional benefit. Male administrators tend to be more skeptical that females, although females are sometimes more insecure and don't want to speak with a stranger.

Step 3: Here is a short conversation I had with a 17 year old administrator (Having a deep voice helps):

Note: This was all on Microphone (voice call).
"Hey man how's it going?"
"Pretty well thanks. Yourself?"
"I'm fine. Mind If I ask your name?"
"Sure its Peter. Yours?"
"Hi peter, I'm Bryan Fisher, I wanted to speak with you about something."
"Well basically I'm from, and we recently have taken interest in your server. Now before you ask any questions, I must tell you that this service is 100% free on your part."
"Alright, continue."
"Awesome. So basically like I said, we have taken interest in your server, and were wondering if you would like your server presented on our site."
"Sure, what's the URL?"
"Oh, it's, but our host is having some problems, it should be back up in about 48 hours."
"Oh okay." (The slave might be skeptical, but push through with ease.)
"So, what we do, is we go onto servers like this, and build a massive structure, which takes about 2-3 weeks to complete."
"Oh awesome."
"Yea, so we do this for absolutely no charge. Are you interested?"
"No charge.. sounds good."
"Alright, so my co-workers and I will get started right away."
(We assumed to go build a city, until this.)
"Hey peter, sorry to bother you again."
"No problem."
"I was wondering if you would like to us continue building with survival mode or creative. Creative usually goes by faster, but I understand if you remain skeptical on our part."
"Oh, well sure here is creative, if it gets the job done faster."
(Impatience is a downfall for administrators, we took advantage of this.)
"You know what, you guys are legit, here is operator. Just worldedit the walls of the city."
"Alright, thanks bro. We'll get started right away."

Step 4: As you can see, I spoke with somewhat of an intelligence level, so he would think that, "These guys are legit builders, I should give them OP".

What you need:

1. An ability to speak with comfort and ease without stuttering or being nervous.

2. VERY BASIC social manipulation history.

3. Ability to answer the slave's questions quickly.

Now, you have OP, Creative, and access to all commands. Congratulations if this worked! Enjoy griefing.

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