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Monday, 4 June 2012

Nodus Freecam Dupe (Working on bukkit v3.0)

Well, Me and my friend found out a way to dupe on craftbukkit-1.2.5-R3.0. Since it has been patched in the recent snapshot of bukkit or 3.1, I have decided to give away it for free to the public.

Nodus Freecam dupe with Stackable items:

Step 1: Have these materials in your inventory for the dupe to work. Materials: One single chest and 2 of the Stackable item you want to dupe.
Step 2: Place 1 of the stackable blocks inside of the chest and still have the other stackable block in your inventory.
Step 3: Go into freecam and break the chest and wait until the chest breaks.
Step 4: Take the block that is still shown in the gui of the chest (infinite block) and right click the other stackable block in your inventory. This should make the block in your inventory start to stack.
Explanation of the dupe:
This works because when in the old nodus dupe you created the blocks you want to dupe from the infinite block. By this dupe you already have the other block in your inventory and it is able to stack because it is actually a real block not a duped block that was created from the infinite block.

Nodus Freecam Dupe with Non-Stackable Items:
Step 1: Have these materials needed that you want to dupe: A single chest, and the non-stackable item like a bow or sword.(Yes this does work on enchanted swords and bows and even armor too)
Step 2: Put the Non-Stackable item (sword or bow) inside the chest.
Step 3: Break the chest in freecam and open the the chest quickly and access the chest until you see the chest break in the backround.
Step 4: Once chest is broken, take the new infinite non-stackable item from the chest gui and put it into your inventory.
Step 5: Exit freecam and go pickup your the non-stackable item and the chest that was put on the floor. You should now have 2 of the non-stackable item. But one is actually an invalid block, so the next step will explain how to make the invalid block become a real block.
Step 6: Place Single chest back down.
Step 7: Take the Non-stackable item that was DROPPED FROM BREAKING THE CHEST IN FREECAM and not the invalid block you placed in your inventory and put it in the single chest again.
Step 8: Repeat Step 3.
Step 9: Take the item out of the chest and place the that is non-stackable item (bow, sword, or armor) and right-click it over the already duped non-stackable item to make the invalid block become valid.
Step 10: Exit freecam and go pickup the non-stackable item that broke with the chest.
Step 11: Take all 3 of your non-stackable items and drop them on the floor.
Step 12: Pickup them up and Congratulations you have just duped a non-stackable item (Bow, sword, or armor.)
Explanation of the dupe: Basically your making an infinite block or invalid non-stackable item become an actual valid item. And it makes 3 of the item. :3

NOTE: This will only work on servers with craftbukkit-1.2.5-R3.0.
Not on servers with (snapshot R3.1)

P.S.- Sorry i didn't make a video tut. I have the worst upload speed ever so i decided just to do a written text. If you do not believe me or can't get it to work please post a server IP with craftbukkit-1.2.5-R3.0 and not with (snapshot R3.1) inside of it either. I will personally show you. Also, Haters....fuck off.

P.S.S- inb4flamers
inb4doesntwork (when it does)

Have a Wonderful Day

Credit To-FrostyAssassin


  1. give it out so it gets patched, gj moron.

  2. GFG, ur dumb, they patched it so he decided to show it.. Already Patched When He Posted.. DUMBFUCKINASS!