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Friday, 19 October 2012

Creating a Kill aura in

Creating in a Killaura

First of all you will need :
visual basic 2012 or 2008!
and a brain

so lets start!

first of all create a new project called ... what ever you like ....
after that you will have to make a new form(name it again ! how ever you want!)
after this
you will need from
the tool box:
1x timer
1x button

after this click on the button and paste in this code :
HTML Code:
timer1.enabled = true
Or you could try to activate the timer per a function lets say per a hotkey !
you will need to put in the getasnykey .dll function in top of the form , you can find that in google googles youre friend dont forget!
after this paste this code:

HTML Code:
if Getasynckey =  key.f1 then timer1.enabled = true else timer1.enabled = false endif
now we just need the timer code and to stop it!
HTML Code:
if Getasynckey =  key.f2 then timer1.enabled = false endif
here the timer1 code:
HTML Code:
done !
you can change the speed of the timer1 (aura speed)
with this code:
[/HTML]timer1.interval = 1.0 or less![/HTML]


test it out and have fun !

my mulitplayer hack client for minecraft will be soon done ! coded in !

Minecraft Spam Bot in

today i will teach you how to make a spam bot for minecraft in !

first of all you will need:
-hotkeys or a button will work
- a brain ! to do the work!

first off all make a new form , name it what ever you would like !
after this pull in there the timer , the textbox , and button or if you would like to do it with hotkeys
forget it ! then you will not need a button !

for the timer code :

button code (if you want to activate it per a hotkey please let this out!):
timer1.enabled = true

button2 code :
timer1.enabled = false

hotkey (F1) to start the bot!
if e.keycode = keys.f1 then
timer1.enabled = true
timer1.enabled = false
end if

hotkey (F2) to stop the bot!:
if e.keycode = keys.f2 then
timer1.enabled = false
end if

and here if you need the key down section you will need to click up right on the top and click "keydown"
and write in there the hotkey code ! else you can write it per GetAsnycKey code which you can find
on Google dont forget google is youre friend!

a spam bot looks like this :
example(credits to google picture):

And what does a spam bot do ?? ? ?

well , it sends a message very fast so that it beginns to annoy people on a server or..... something else !

or you cann use it for a command that you have to enter a couple times !

this could look likes this when a spam bot runs:

thank you !

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Crystal Demo [Client] [tekkit][3.1.2]

x= Xray
y= Full bright
i= Player info
r= Radar
o= Auto mine
k= Kill aura
f= Fly

Virus scan: modpack.jar - Jotti's malware scan
Virus scan:
Go to .tecniclauncher
open tekkit
at tekkit open bin
Delete Modpack.jar
and put the client there :)

Crystal Demo [Client] [tekkit][3.1.2]-2012-08-09_13.45.44.png

Crystal Demo [Client] [tekkit][3.1.2]-2012-08-09_14.08.30.png 

Download Here


Oil Derrick 2.5 [Tekkit] [3.1.2]

This is the updated version of the Oil Derrick tekkit client.

[G] ForceField
[B] Fullbright
[X] Xray (Includes tekkit ores and other stuff)
[F] Fly
[V] Speed Mine
[F8] Console
[F12] Hide/Show GUI
To adjust fly speed and speed mine speed use the arrow keys!

More key info will be added when minecraft auth servers come up again. So I can get to them.


NOFALL KEY BIND GOT REMOVED! To turn on nofall click F8 and type in nofall.

You can also add forcefield friends (So forcefield won't hit them) by clicking F8 and type friend [name].

Radar can be activated by clicking F8 and typing in radar.

How to install:
Go to the appdata folder
Open .techniclauncher
Go to bin
Put in the modpack!

Updates will be posted!
Virus scans: &

Download Here


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

How to bypass your forcefield || killaura on Nocheat +

Hello everyone!
Well, Some of my friends have trouble bypassing it correctly so i decided i would help them and share it
 First up, Open a new class and call it something like "ForceField", That should do it.

Next up make a void called "start" or something you want, Now inside you need to create a for loop that loops through the entitys and attacks them.
Like this:
if(delay <= 5){
for(int i = 0; i < mc.theWorld.loadedEntityList.size(); i++){
Entity e = (Entity)mc.theWorld.loadedEntityList.get(i);

if(e != mc.thePlayer && !e.isDead && mc.thePlayer.getDistanceToEntity(entity) <= 4.5 && e instanceof EntityLiving && mc.thePlayer.canEntityBeSeen(e))
mc.playerController.attackEntity(mc.thePlayer, e);
delay = 0;

This works aswell and only hits one entity at a time and never speeds up.
You can change the faceEntity and make it a packet faceEntity.
You can also shorten this forcefield by a bit :P.
Now call the void :P.

Guide To Creating Ranks with GroupManager

I see it everywhere.

I'm here today to try and stop these pointless threads on the Internet.
I'll try to make this quick and easy, as that's how you like it!

Step One:
- Have greater knowledge than a Creeper
Yeah you heard me! If you're 6, I don't think
you will be able to comprehend most of the things
on here. Sorry pal!

Step Two:
- Install Essentials GroupManager
You can easily find it on Bukkit
Install it, along with Essentials, and open up the
GroupManager folder that appears after a server restart.

Step Three:
- Change premade groups to whatever you like
This is where the fun starts! As you open your
GroupManager folder, you will see a file called
'globalgroups.yml' This will come in good use in a bit.
There should be a folder called 'worlds'
Follow this series of events-
Open 'worlds' > 'YourWorldName' > 'groups.yml'
Once you open up 'groups.yml'
you will see a premade list of ranks for you.
They should be something like this: (If I remember correcty)

default: false
- -vanish.*
- '*'
- Owner
prefix: '&4[Owner]'
build: true
suffix: ''

There should be other groups too, but I'll just show
you the Owner group. You cab rename any group you want.
Like you can change Owner to King. Here's what the King
group would look like.
*Take note of the prefixes I add*

default: false
- -vanish.*
- '*'
- king
prefix: '&4[King]'
build: true
suffix: ''

All I have done is change the Name, prefix, and inheritance.
Now let me show you how inheritance works.

Step Four:
- Permission nodes and Inheritance
There are many permission nodes for different plugins.
Let me show you how to give one group the ability to change gamemode.
The node for that is essentials.gamemode
This is pretty much what you're going to put where it says 'permissions:'
in 'groups.yml' Here's what the King group will look like with that node.

default: false
- -vanish.*
- '*'
- essentials.gamemode <---- That right there!
- King
prefix: '&4[King]'
build: true
suffix: ''

So now you have given King the permission to switch gamemodes.
You can do this to any group you want in 'groups.yml'
But let's say you want multiple groups to have the same
permissions as King? This is where Inheritance comes to play.
Remember that file called 'globalgroups.yml'?
Go open that up, and you will see a huge list of groups
followed by permission nodes. What you want to be looking at is

g:essentials_King: <------ renamed from Owner to King
- essentials.gamemode <---- That's a node you will add to King only

So now that you've added that node there, go back to 'groups.yml'
Let's say you want the Builder group to have the same permissions as
the King's permissions in 'globalgroups.yml'
Now that you have 'groups.yml' opened up, you will see this:

default: false
- g:groupmanager_Guest
- g:bukkit_Guest
- g:essentials_Builder
- g:essentials_King <----- Add this if you want Builder to get all of King's nodes
info: from 'globalgroups.yml'
prefix: '[&4Builder]'
build: true
suffix: ''

So now Builders have all of the permission nodes you have listed
under ' - g:essentials_King' in 'globalgroups.yml'

Step Five:
- Copying and Pasting groups to create more groups
So now that you've learned how permissions work,
you can just copy any group in 'groups.yml'
paste it right underneath it, and rename it to whatever you like.
Make sure that you chance the prefix and/or permissions and
inheritance, if you choose to.

Here's some things you should know:
- Everything is now Case Sensitive in 1.3.2, so make sure all of your
groups are either all capitalized or all lowercased.
- Make sure everything is aligned correctly. One small error
and everything breaks!

Here's a useful tool to see if your set up is correct and errorless:
Online YAML Parser

One more thing I'd like to add is I recommend either
using Notepad+ or Wordpad to edit these.
Never use the regular Notepad (trust me)

Builder: <--- Name of group
default: false <--- Set to True if you want new players to start as this rank
permissions: <---- The specific permission nodes for this group
- essentials.sethome
inheritance: <---- What groups you want this group to inherit from
- g:groupmanager_Guest
- g:bukkit_Guest
- g:essentials_Builder
- g:essentials_King
prefix: '[&4Builder]' <---- The prefix that shows behind their name
build: true <---- Are they allowed to build?
suffix: '' <---- What shows after their name

Useful Commands:
- /manuadd (player) (group)
- /help groupmanager

If this helped, give a comment!
If I missed somrthing, comment too!
If this didn't help, comment why!

Good luck!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

How to Create [Premium/cracked] Server for Minecraft [1.2.5]

This Tutorial Gives of Server

Be award Because this is easiest tutorial you're ever seen

Minecraft Tutorial - Minecraft Server Setup - Part 1 (for Windows) by:Paulsoaresjr

Minecraft Tutorial - Minecraft Server Setup - Part 2 (for Windows) by:Paulsoaresjr

There you can see easier

Now a text tutorial:
1)Download Craftbukkit (Official Server.exe) or use Minecraft (Official Server.exe)
2)Make folder into desktop called "Minecraft - Server"
3)Open in Up and Ctrl+X (Cut) - Ctrl+V (Paste) in folder what did you create on 2)
4)now Press right click in da folder and create new - Notepad.
5)Now open "empty" Notepad and Ctrl+C "Copy" - Ctrl+V "Paste" the Code -->
@ ECHO OFF (Remove Space at @ E)
"%ProgramFiles%\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe" -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar craftbukkit.jar
6)Open up it and wait till it's loaded.
7)Now open the Server.Properties and there is "online-mode" put it False if you want it Offline - Put it True if you want it Online!
8)Port it up "Default is 25565" but you can use many different ports, what is on your mind.
9)And invite your friends on and Happy Playing.

NB:If you are using a Hamachi then ur IP will start : (0 means different numbers)


Happy Playing - Good Luck with your server