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Sunday, 6 May 2012

How to install mods (pics included)

Ok, so today, I will be teaching you how to install mods INSIDE of minecraft.jar

7zip and/OR WinRar


Ok, so first you go to

(x64) C:\Users\(your user)\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin
OR just do %appdata% in the start menu then go to .minecraft>bin

(x82) C\Documents and Settings\AppData\.minecraft\bin
OR just do Start>Run>%appdata%>.minecraft>bin

After that, RENAME the minecraft.jar you see in bin to minecraft_.jar or minecraft1.jar

Then RUN minecraft, click OPTIONS, then force update minecraft, and login to minecraft and after updates, close it

This way if the mod doesn't work, you have a backup.

How to:

Now after you do that stuff above, download the mod (I'll be doing OptiFine) right click the new minecraft.jar>open with: WinRar (or 7Zip)

Drag and drop all the files in the download to the minecraft.jar

After that (MOST IMPORTANT) delete the META_INF so the mod will work.

Run minecraft, try to use the hack, and wha-la, there you go

ALSO, if you download a mod with just minecraft.jar in it, rename your minecraft.jar (like I said above) and drag and drop the downloaded minecraft.jar to bin

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