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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Godmode tutorial

I got bored of this, so I'm going to release :P have fun guys


Heres a tut on how to create a nodamage for an entity

1) Go to

2) Look for... ("drown")

3) Find the files that drown is located in, (the func_whatever)

Now you will see, like attackEntityFrom(DamageSource.field_35539_e, 1);

Or whatever, change that to 0

Then go to (another func will be there)

Search for

attackEntityFrom(DamageSource.field_35539_e, 0);

Now make your toggle

attackEntityFrom(DamageSource.field_35539_e, 1);
} else
attackEntityFrom(DamageSource.field_35539_e, 0);

Yes you'd be surprised how easy it is, this works. if you get any errors or w/e, you're doing something wrong.

This will make it so you don't take any damage when the bubbles underwater go away.

> Do this for the rest

Mob/players are different, so I won't be releasing a tut for that

Credit TO:. john404 

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