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Saturday, 19 May 2012

[TUT]Heal Hack[TUT]

My good friend, fpamastur, gave me the hints to do this myself, I thought I'd share:
Go into your in eclipse, find the function, OnUpdate.

At the very top of the function, put in this code:

int x = 0;
        if(GuiIngame.heal && foodStats.getFoodLevel() >= 16) {
            sendQueue.addToSendQueue(new Packet10Flying(false));
        }while(x <= 20);
        x = 0;

For faster healing, more lag, change the "while(x <= 20)", well the 20 part to any number, this is the amount of timers per tick it sends a Packet10Flying of type false.

Explanation: Check if the toggle is enabled, if so, check for foodlevel, if healing is available, send 20 packets of Flying(false) to the server so that it updates really fast.

I do not suggest you leave it on, unless you have alot of food, food goes down faster as well.

Also, I'm working on a hunger hack to combat the loss.

If you skid, burn in hell.

Credits to fpsmastur for the

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