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Saturday, 19 May 2012

[TUT] How to install minecraft mods

Multiplayer in minecraft is awesome. But single player is good too and to make it more interesting you can add some mods. And thats where i come in , i will show you how to integrate mods in your beloved minecraft.
P.S. Yes, it works with cracked minecrafts.

Download the game ... Yes you have to do that for mods to work >_>
Use the latest version because almost all the best mods are updated regularly.

Use minecraft forums to find the best mods.

Hers the link:

Before you download any real mods you like, first you have to download this 3 little mods. Because almost every minecraft mod use this little mods in one way or another you absolutely need them. Wow i said mods allot =/.
First download this 2 mods from this link:
ModLoader Beta and AudioMod Beta
And then this one:
Spawnlist utility library
[Image: 26358043.png]

Before messing with minecraft i would advice to backup your save game and minecraft.jar files. Write in run "%appdata%" it will take you to magical place where you can find ".minecraft" forum. Open it. There you will see some folders. Here you can find your save files if you want you can copy them to another folder and if something will go wrong just copy them back. And the minecraft.jar can be found in Bin folder. I will strongly suggest to copy it somewhere safe because we gonna mess with it allot.
[Image: 44365339.png]

Now we will install our first mods. Extract the mods. Open the minecraft.jar file that is located in ".minecraft/bin" folder with "WinRAR".
In it delete the folder "META-INF". Now we need to copy all the files from our mod folders to minecraft.jar. After that is done you are ready to install almost any mod and it will work.

[Image: 22402433.png]

Find any mod you like. I will take this one because it has many ALOT new mobs and HORSES!!!!:
Simply download it. Extract. Copy the files that are in "...inject to minecraft.jar" to minecraft.jar and those files that are in "folders to add to resources" to resources.
[Image: 73869341.png]

Now simply launch MC and ride your badass horses to the rising sun, kill where wolfs, feed the birdies and of course have fun >_>.
MAH FIRE HORSE!!! and yes that b$&@ch some times puts you on fire.
[Image: firemh.png]

P.S. Mods that i use and love.
More enemies
Fancy panc Red,Black,Obsidian items and runs. (I dont use runs they suck >_>)
Battle Tower.
Helmet lamp. You absolutly need this one.
With all new mobs you need new guns and this is my pick
These creapers ROCK!!!

These are just my favorites. There are plenty of other that will add more spice to your single player gamin experience. I hope this will be helpful for someone. And don't be shy , leave some feedback.
Credit TO :- Phob0s

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