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Saturday, 28 April 2012

[NODUS] Session Stealer/ForceOP by Scetch || Easiest to use

If you are having problems. Redownload. There is a chance its updated.
Coded by Scetch.
All credits go to him!

Video of the tool in use:

[Image: IMG_11042012_180052.png]

Download link:

Couldn't make a proper thread layout since I'm on my phone.
But enjoy Black Hat


Make sure you have portforwarded a port first!

Quote:1. Fill the first 2 boxes with the server details where you want to let the slave say something.

2. Fill the messages in the slave should say when he joins your server at the third box(Messages).
Separate these with a ,(for example /op player1,/op player2)

Now we are going to make the server look like a server:

3. Fill the MOTD(server message, for example the server name)
Can be anything

4. Fill in the count of the players that are currently online and the max players that can be online.
Note these are fake stats.

5. Fill in the port you forwarded.

6. Click start and let the slave join your server.
He will get the outdated client error, meanwhile his account is saying the stuff you entered on the server you entered.

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