this is a tutorial on how to install a hacked client
First of all you need to download the client. I recomment nodus it has many commands or you can use Wizard hax for newbies who just want a simple hack to use. After you download it it should open up a winrar or winzip file. Make sure you have either one of the 2 programs here are the download links:
WinRAR download and support: Download now
Download WinZip®

then go to start. if you have windows 7 type in %appdata% and if you do not open up windows explorer and type in %appdata%

After you have done that there will be a file named .minecraft open that up

After you opened up .minecraft click bin and then this should come up:

Well something like that. Now open up you downloded client. I download wizard hax because obviosly i posted it.........
after downloading it open it up and then there should be a jar file. something that looks a little like this

Now you need to have both the minecraft bin window and the winzip file open because inside the winzip file there is the minecraft.jar. Sometimes all the posts wont have that like some will say something like "tediumv2.jar" instead of "minecraft.jar" so in the winrar or winzip archive right click it and choose rename and change it to minecraft.jar Then drag the minecraft jar in the zinzip/rar into the bin like this:

Then after you have draged it this will show up:

click the move and replace button and then all you have to do is start minecraft and you are done. If you are testing this and if you did what i did the opening screeen will look something like this

This is the wizard hax opening screen and usually the creator will change the screen a little so you know if the client is working. If you have any questions just ask me do @zz3417 and ask me your question
this post was inspired by some newbie asking me how to use my wizard client. All the details about this client is in the wizard hax team post. i posted a new client guys. And i hope you liked this and