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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Tut]Run/Speed w/o modifying Minecraft classes[/tut]

Credit to  iproapocalypse
It may or may not be obvious to you and you may have already implemented this, but I have found a way to make a Speed hack without modifying any of the Minecraft classes. This is dependent on a client based around OOP, otherwise why waste time creating a separate class for it. Here is the code (uncommented) that you will paste into your class file of choice:
[Image: run%20without%20modifying.PNG]
What you may notice is that this is the public fly code, without some of the other guff. What i have done is gotten rid of the if statements for the space and shift keys which move your player up and down, and left the parts that change your players motionX and motionZ. This is pretty standard, seemed easy enough to do but I hadn't seen any tutorials like this so I decided to make it. Have fun!

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