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Sunday, 6 May 2012

[Tut] nametags With Distance and Colors

First off is what you may need:
Common sense (Obviously)
Eclipse Here
Basic Java Knowledge
MCP Here
Eclipse With MCP Here

OK now go to :

and find RenderName under that there will be:

PHP Code:
if (Minecraft.isGuiEnabled() && entityplayer != renderManager.livingPlayer
Now find the part i am editing and make it look like this

[Image: WzXq9.png]

Now you can do the same for
PHP Code:

OK now for the colors so go to :

and Find


Now go Under this part
PHP Code:
if (s.equals("deadmau5"))
byte0 = -10;

And Edit This
PHP Code:

To look like this
[Image: guKLx.png]

If you know GL11 colors then you will know how to change them

It should look like this when done:

Credit to Element 2345

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