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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

How to hack with cheat engine


1. You need cheat engine for those who dont have it search whit google and you will find it then download it.

2. now start minecraft . and get some blocks , 8 blocks that is will be enoug.

3. press esc but dont quit...

4. start cheat engine.

5. go to select a process and search for javaw.exe and click on open.

6. type the value of the blocks you have and click on first scan.

7. drop a block far enoug that you cant loot it .

8. go to cheat engine and type the amount of blocks you have now and click next scan.

9. keep doing step 7 and 8 still you have found only 1 adress.

10. dubbel click on that adress.

11. right click on the adress. and click browse this memory region.

12. when you look down you see alot of numbers and letters we need to change there a value in the first line. You alse see there a vertical line. right after the line that 2 numbers or number and letter or letters you need to change it. now i want for example TNT and then i need to change it to 46 dec. dubbel click on the numbers. Change 1 byte into 4 byte, and type there 46 ( that is TNT search on google for values or download minecraft pro on your ipad/ipod/iphone) and click ok now you see it has been changed into 2E thats because its not dec and we put dec in but when you look at minecraft you see you are holding TNT.

13. if you want more TNT go out of the memory view and then right click again on the adress and choose change record and then value.

I dont know why i spend my time into this tut

have fun
Credit TO:- proman98 proman98 is offline

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