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Saturday, 5 May 2012

How to use CraftBukkit to set up a Non-hamachi Cracked Server (DrFilth's Craftbukkit)

This craftbukkit installer was made by drfilth.

What is Craftbukkit?

Bukkit is a free, open-source, software that provides the means to extend the popular Minecraft multiplayer server.


Step 1:
Download the executable and Install.

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Step 2:
Find your router model.

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Step 3:
Find your router model on; ""
Then follow the Instructions on the web page.

Click Here for Portforward website

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Step 4:
Add your In Game Name to the Group of your Choice.

As of permissions 3.0.4 the .yml file is now located "/plugin/Permissions/world/" and is split into groups.yml and users.yml
Go to groups.yml to change/add permissions to certain groups. Under each group change default:false to true. This allows the player to build. Then go to users.yml to add your minecraft user to admins section.

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Make sure you also add yourself (username) to the ops.txt file. You may delete the other names already on the file.
Note: this gives you full control over the server.

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Step 5:
How to enable or disable server functions: Go to the file in the minecraftserver folder.

Note: For cracked servers, always leave the online-mode part as false.

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Step 6:
Start Your Server by Double Clicking 'Minecraft Server'
desktop shortcut. Or the start.bat file in minecraftserver folder.

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Step 7:
Run Your Client.
Enter your Static LAN IP in the multiplayer IP Area, Or for people not connected to your home network they must enter your External IP

To find your external IP, click Here

note: Your static Lan IP can be found by clicking on the start menu. Then for xp go to accessories and find command prompt. On vista and 7, just type cmd in the search bar in the start menu. After opening the cmd, type "ipconfig". Your IP will be the default gateway number. Use this to enter the server in game if you are host. For people not connected to your network, they must enter your external IP. You must leave the server terminal open while you play.

Step 8:
How to enable or disable server functions. Type stop into the terminal and it will save everything and close.

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Extra: Go to minecraftserver folder open plugins and open essentials.jar with winrar and open config.yml with wordpad to find the list of commands and how to use them.
For guides on World Edit, World Guard, etc, there are wikis for them. Just Google it up.

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