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Sunday, 6 May 2012

[Tutorial] How to Download MineCraft

Ok NewBies, this is just for you guys,

I are asking where download Right MineCraft?
Then you are at right place!

First of all go to this link
.MineCraft Download - And Register
Download This what i'm saying in Image.... AND Download Normal MineCraft what is top of the page...

Then Register Here
-Register for MineCraft Account.
This is how it looks like......

Then Run " MineCraft_Server" and then game will will took some time....
you will need to wait -_-

it will say you Preparing spawn area: [ and number ] %

When finish run game and play!

If it wasn't worked download this one version!
//removed due to outside download source
if link won't open or you can't download PM me,
ok when you download This MineCraft, open it and play Beta Version!

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