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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

[1.3.1 UPDATED] | Nodus Client 9.7! | TTF | Custom Menus | Custom Binds/Aliases



*TabGUI* -Player-

*TabGUI* -World-

*TabGUI* -Combat-



-Key Binding-

Most client are starting to add chat macros into their clients so you may be familiar with how these work. Nodus takes it a step farthur by letting you set any command to any key.

-bind [add/extra/del] [key] [command]

The first argument is adding a bind or deleting a bind (clearing a key), you can simply overwrite keys if you want to. If you want to add extra commands use the extra argument.
The second argument is the key name. By key name I mean the actual name of the key not the ID value. For example return or space.
The third argument is the command from the above list including it's arguments.

If you did everything right the command should now be bound to the key.
-Misc. Info-

When an update is available it will notify you on login.
Vanished players names are Purple.
Mob Disguise players names are Pink.
Sneaking players names are Light Red.
Friend player names are Yellow.
You won't attack your friends when using forcefield.
You won't aim at your friends when using aimbot.
When in aimbot you won't aim at friends.
Names can be visible up to 250 blocks.
Remoteview only works with people on radar.
You can connect to other servers in game or switch your texture pack.
Nodus by definition means "a problem", you mad?
** Nodus Changelog **
** Changelog for Nodus v8.4 **
* Improved derp (Now functions correctly on NoCheat)
* Increased speed at which derp spin (Spins you) and derp head (Spazzes head) work. (Faster)
* Removed "Buffer Overflow" kick.
* Fixed freecam toggling with disable is used.
* Fixed bind extra.
* Fixed spacing of radar.
* Added flood speed to flood command. (flood set)
* New derp modes. (hump & upsidedown)
* Added waypoints to text radar.
* Added chat hide command (-chat hide)
* Added modes to BowAimbot (Player/Mob/Both)

** Things that are removed may be added in at a later time.
*** The added commands are in the command list above.

All credits to go Scetch for this amazing client .


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