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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Tekkit Client V0.1 [Xray with the ores and Other Stuff]

Welcome to Tekkit Client, Credit To:- hihihih565

[X] Xray
[Y] Fullbright
[R] Radar <3 JavaPortals for it
[F] Fly
[P] Nofall
[J] Jesus
[K] Forcefield
[N] Nuke
[C] Speedmine


[Image: pRzLo.png]

Hack want added?
Hack Name:
Some hacks can't be added as you can only edit certain classes or the tekkit client will bug out and you won't be able to play.

Planned To Be Added:
Nether Ores to the Xray

By downloading or using this client you do NOT use other links to make you money or any other links that are not the original link. Please leave credit to the maker of the client in any videos that are made e.g Made by Hihihih565


Download HERE :D
Once downloaded rename it to modpack and then delete the 1 in your bin of the tekkit folder and place that 1 in it.

Donation App:
PM me with this App.
Tekkit Client Donation:



  1. Hmmm i like it very much ty! however i would like to toggle nuker... when i press [N] it just creates a new nuke... which is bad when im in my house xD

  2. How do i change what I can see on the x-ray e.g: uranium?

  3. for me doesn't work... just crashes.

  4. If you dont leave this mod hack i report you Curt Kobain :) this mod cause a big problem for server I will not tell it again Leave.

  5. Hack Name:Jade vision (where u can only see players mobs chest and signs you can see it on some earlyer aVo videos

  6. Please make it for 3.0! I will love you forever!

  7. can you try to fix when you press the [N] button for nuke and you press it again can it dissapear form the list since mine just stays open

    also can you try to make it so we can confirm the buttons for it thanks this is a pretty kool client

  8. This only crash im realy want's to get this hack

  9. can you make it so when you press a button---ex:h--- the list in the corner dissapears?

  10. Could you please make it compatible with 1.2.5, I'd be very grateful, because at the time being, it only crashes the game

  11. This is no keylogger or anything to fuck up my shit?

  12. It destroyed my tekkit stuff! It doesn't WORK!!!

  13. Fucking faggot, way to go, ruining tekkit. People like you need to fuck off, all you do is ruin games and make it easier for the faggots like yourself who have no skill. Vanilla minecraft is POINTLESS to play unless you have nodus now, and now tekkit will be the same.

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  15. u should add a cave xray so we can see where there are caves

  16. everytime I try to install it when I launch the tekkit launcher it tells me the file is curropted and then re downloads it.... WHAT THE HEL!?!??! how do I fix this!?!??!?!

  17. I downloaded it but i went into single player world and i pressed N and X and the other keys nothing happens? please

  18. um...i'm a little confused for installation. could you make a video? when i rename and put it in the bin, and start up tekkit. it says that the installation has failed and removes the bin. btw, i have a MAC, so i need a video.

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