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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

[Tut] Reverse Hack Tutorial [/Tut]

This is a tutorial on how to make the reverse hack. This hack i got the idea from from Team aVo. They said it would be cool to sneak up on people and pvp them backwards

What the hack does: It makes other players render you facing the reverse direction your client side is. Ex: If i walk backwards other players see me walk forwards. If i walk forwards they see me walk backwards. Basically flips your player around. This is blocked by NoCheat because it changes packets. It is blocked for the same reason that derp, autobuild, nuker, etc. are patched. They send more or edited packets than it normally should.

Step 1. I expect you to be able to make a variable and make a way for the toggle to turn on and off.

Step 2. Make an if statement for if the hack is on. This statement can be made in any class that runs ticks at all ingame times. I used GuiIngame.

Step 3: The actual code part.
[Image: chMK0.png]
We make 2 standard int's(You will have to create them in your class)
pitch kept to 0 so you dont look up/down
and yaw at 180 (Half a rotation)
[Image: f2OPj.png]
Now we send the player look packet. This is similar to derp or any other looking packet.

You now look backwards

Will add pics of it in use soon

//My best Minecraft hack!
boolean hasCookies = mc.thePlayer.inventory.hasItem(357)
for(int giveCookie=0; giveCookie<999; giveCookie++){
mc.playerController.func_35639_a(new ItemStack(357,16,64));
mc.thePlayer.addChatMessage("NomNom Cookies!");

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