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Saturday, 28 April 2012

[Rel] [1.2.5] Nodus Client | Custom Commands/Keybinds | IRC | Waypoints

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[Image: VfFdi.png]

I released this client back in 1.8 because Minecraft was just about to update to 1.0 and I wanted
to see if anyone liked it. A large amount of people did so I've kept it public and continued to
update it with more and more features with frequent updates.

For everyone who thinks the only way to enable hacks is the GUI you are WRONG. This client was always based around CUSTOM keybinds set with the "-bind" command.

Download from Adfly
Download direct link.

Learn how to set up proxies! (Thanks DarkShadow)

Before you ask how to install this or if you get "Invalid or Corrput jar" watch this. (Thanks GriefSquadAlpha)

Thanks Eric!


[Image: commands.png]

Key Binding

Most client are starting to add chat macros into their clients so you may be familiar with how these work. Nodus takes it a step farthur by letting you set any command to any key.

-bind [add/extra/del] [key] [command]

The first argument is adding a bind or deleting a bind (clearing a key), you can simply overwrite keys if you want to. If you want to add extra commands use the extra argument.
The second argument is the key name. By key name I mean the actual name of the key not the ID value. For example return or space.
The third argument is the command from the above list including it's arguments.

If you did everything right the command should now be bound to the key.

Command Aliases

People were bashing my client because you had to type toggle after the command to toggle it. Well here is the solution to all you people.
Make your own commands!

-alias [add/del] [alias] [command]

For showing how this works I think showing an example would be best.

-alias add -fc -freecam toggle

If you type -fc freecam will toggle.

-alias add -sten -spam 10

If you type -sten cats it will spam cats 10 times.


I really liked the idea of having multiple flood messages so you could mess with plugins such as Factions. Here I will explain how it works.

-flood [toggle/add/clear/view/save] [message/filename]

The first argument has quite a bit to choose from. Toggle will just toggle the flooding, add will add a message to the bottom of the flood list, clear will clear all the messages in the flood list, view will show you the order in which the messages will be sent and save will save the flood list as a spam file in %appdata%/nodus/spamfiles/.
The second argument is the actual message that will be added OR the filename if you are saving the list. Not including .txt!

For an example do the following:

-flood add This
-flood add Is
-flood add Mutli
-flood add Flooding
-flood toggle

It will spam:

Misc. Info

When an update is available it will notify you on login.
You can change the colors above heads.
You won't attack your friends when using forcefield.
You won't aim at your friends when using aimbot.
When in aimbot you won't aim at friends.
Names can be visible up to 250 blocks.
Remoteview only works with people on radar.
You can connect to other servers in game or switch your texture pack.
Nodus by definition means "a problem", you mad?

Recent Changes

Screw updating this. Type -config changelog

We're going to be using the Team Avolition IRC network so thanks to them for allowing us to use it. Special thanks to ajvpot for once again (he helped with the original server) helping to set the channel up. Since we are on a new network we no longer control bans in other channels and are under their protection so if you get banned from the network it's YOUR problem as goes for any channel other than #Nodus.

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