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Friday, 25 May 2012

[Tut] Render Yourself In Freecam! [/Tut]

ere is a very simple tutorial on how to render yourself when in freecam! This is for coders only as no direct code is going to be given! Sorry skids! :P


You must have a freecam all set-up with keybinds and toggles!

Anyway here is the tutorial! (You will know where to put all of this!)

1. Instances
You need to make two instances, one of EntityOtherPlayerMP, and one of WorldClient. Call they whatever you wish!
Make the EntityOtherPlayerMP's parameters equal to the world and you username (You should be able to do this!)
Make sure to add a cast to your instance of WorldClient!

2. Setting Coordinates and Rotation
Calling your instance of EntityOtherPlayerMP, find the method to set its coordinates and rotation; make sure to set it to your current coordinates (mc.thePlayer.pos). You may have to subtract some integers from your posY, because the entity may spawn to high!

3. Adding Your Entity To The World
Now you need to call you instance of WorldClient. Find the method that adds entities to the world (HINT: addEntity). This method needs to parameters; the first is a number to identify the entity, the second is the entity. Here are the parameters you should use:
(-1, InstanceOfEntityOtherPlayerMP);
This will give your entity a number, and what entity to spawn!
Tah Dah! Now you have your own entity to spawn whenever you toggle freecam on! But what about killing it?

4. Killing Your Entity
Again, we need to call our instance of WorldClient. This time find the method that kills entities and removes them from the world (HINT: removeEntity). The parameters for this are:
What this does is tell the method to kill the entity with the number -1; so it kills out entity!

There you go! Now you can render yourself! Sorry for no code skiddies :(

This is what the finished product should look like!
Added a new picture with a quick bug fix!
[Image: 6860186766_0c050fbc82_b.jpg]

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