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Sunday, 16 September 2012

[Release] Zap 1.1.0 [1.3.1/1.3.2]

Zap Client Showcase/Release

I have been working on this client for a while, and most of you have saw it. So now i will release it. To only the few that i think are HQ and deserve it. If you leak this client it WILL be killed for everyone, and will not be released again.


* Sexy Gui
* Xray
* fullbright
* Speedmine
* AutoTool
* chestESP
* PlayerESP
* Tracer
* Chams
* Superwater
* antiWater
* Jesus
* Dolphin
* noWeather
* Fog Colors
* fastPLace
* Glide
* Textradar
** More **


Main Menu
[Image: 15fjD]

ToolTip On:
[Image: 15fke]

ToolTip Off:
[Image: 15fkF]

[Image: 15flu]

Oliver - Rect Methods
Guy that made the durability mod.
And other people that helped along the way

F - Opens GUI
R - fly
X - Xray
C - Fullbright


Make A Console
Make More KeyBinds
More aVo Haxes

Go To then Click "Zap Client" then Click Download

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