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Sunday, 16 September 2012

[Rel] WeepCraft [NCP Bypasses][Pwnage][Crasher][Advanced Hud][Huge Hack List]

Default Keys:Gui: Left Control
Advanced Hud: H
Screen Shot

[Image: WeepGui.png]

Feature List
Custom Keybinds,
Custom Colors
Dragable/Pinned Gui
Friends list, enemy list, admin list,
Saved Gui Location, Keys, booleans
Advanced Hud

Command List

notchfly = Notch Flight [ON/OFF],
autoplace = Auto Place [ON/OFF],
emo = Emo [ON/OFF],
map = Map [ON/OFF],
nosw = No Swing [ON/OFF],
spamsay = .spam=Message=Amount,
cords = Cords Meter [ON/OFF],
lagg = Lagg Meter [ON/OFF],
toolusage = ToolUsage [ON/OFF],
noresis = No Resistance [ON/OFF],
walk = Auto Walk [ON/OFF],
fastmine = Mine Faster [ON/OFF] Uses: [normal/instant],
sprint = Sprint [ON/OFF],
nopush = Unpushable [ON/OFF],
info = Info Gui [ON/OFF],
antideath = Disconnect on 3 hearts [ON/OFF],
up = Teleports you up 1-8,
down = Teleports you down 1-8,
autotool = Auto Tool [ON/OFF],
step = Step 3 [ON/OFF],
tracer = Tracer [ON/OFF],
onwater = Build on water [ON/OFF],
serverip = Server ip [ON/OFF],
god = God Mode [ON/OFF],
jump = High Jump [ON/OFF],
chest = Chest ESP [ON/OFF],
autofish = AutoFishing [ON/OFF],
killaura = KillAura [ON/OFF],
idzoom = Sets Zoom ID,
idwaypoint = Sets WayPoint,//Id end
safeafk = Safe Afk [ON/OFF],
heal = Heals your to full hp,
// = Requires World Edit And OP Removes Nearby ManMade blocks,
instanteat = Instant Eat/Drink [ON/OFF],
fastbow = Instant Bow [ON/OFF],
throw = Throw Number,
handid = HandID [ON/OFF],
ttfchat = TTF Chat [ON/OFF],
time = Real Time [ON/OFF],
drop = Drops items Uses: [all/hotbar/inventory/creative/command],
day = Always Day [ON/OFF],
freecam = Freecam [ON/OFF],
box = Playerbox [ON/OFF],
clear = Clear Chat,
waypoint = Waypoint [ON/OFF],
deathcords = Death Cords [ON/OFF],
automine = Auto Mine [ON/OFF],
help = Commands Gui [ON/OFF],
friend = Friend list Uses: [add/remove] ,
admin = Admin list Uses: [add/remove] ,
enemy = Enemy list Uses: [add/remove] ,
sneak = Sneak [ON/OFF] Uses: [sticky/normal/packet],
nofall = No Fall Dmg [ON/OFF],
crit = Critical Hits [ON/OFF],
jesus = Walk on lava/water [ON/OFF],
autorespawn = Auto Respawn [ON/OFF],
accepttpa = Auto Accept [ON/OFF],
climb = Spider Climb [ON/OFF],
fastplace = Fast Place [ON/OFF],
norender = No Item Render [ON/OFF],
noweather = No Weather [ON/OFF],
antifire = Box Around Fire [ON/OFF],
switch = Switches Current item [ON/OFF] Uses: [build/item] ,
autosign = Auto Sign [ON/OFF],
antimd = Anti MobDisguise [ON/OFF],
playername = Player Name [ON/OFF],
compass = Compass [ON/OFF],
antilagg = Nuker AntiLagg [ON/OFF],
say = Talk to chat,
spam = Spams Uses: [loveto/tpa/msg/hello/boss/afk/faction/swas/nyan/orly/smoke/dick] 'Playername' 'Msg' 'Times',
antispam = Anti Spam Commands,
aimbot = Auto Aim At Players [ON/OFF],
nuker = Nukers [ON/OFF] Uses: [redstone/torch/id/all/click/smash],
build = Build Mode [ON/OFF] Uses: [swas/wall/floor/tree/cube/pole/dick/randomblock/randomclick/line/house/custom],
derp = Derp Mode [ON/OFF] Uses: [normal/hump/headinbody/headinbodyrot/stare/starereverse/spin/head/nodyes/nodno/copy],
bigname = Large Name Tags [ON/OFF],
macro = Bind Commands/Talk to Numpad Uses: ['0-9' - 'Command'],
adminclose = Admin Close Message [ON/OFF],
keybind = Binds Key Uses: 'add/remove' 'Mod' 'Key',
keybinds = Lists all possible keybinds ,
flood = Spams the WeepFlood.txt Uses: [start/add/remove/clear/reload],
teleport = Teleports Uses: [pos/up/down/player/click] 'Cords/Number',
overlay = Block Overlay [ON/OFF],
autoregister = Auto Register on crackked servers [ON/OFF],
name = Player Infomation Uses: [protect/set/who],
knockback = Knockbacks enemys [ON/OFF],
nocheat = NoCheat/NoCheatPlus [ON/OFF],
scrape = Scrapes all username to WeepScrapes.txt file,
autodig = Autodigging after choosen block Uses: [autodig BlockID],
timer = Sets the World timer [ON/OFF],
fullbright = Fullbright [ON/OFF],
fastclick = Creative FastClick [ON/OFF]

Known Bugs
TTF Cant see Bold, Striked, Underlined, Italic (§l and so on seems to f* up) tried (s.contains do something) but anit working for some reason
AutoCraft requires 1 more item than need'ed
AutoArmor is abit dogdey
Auto Eat is abit dogdey
ESP Randomly turns grey
Spam MSG dont work (making a gui for the spam so cba fixing it)
Cant see nameplate if infront of chest/signs
Tracers dont change colors *Fixed in next update
AutoCraft buttons overlays on low resoultions *Fixed in next update

Download Link in the description of this video

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