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Sunday, 16 September 2012

[Rel] [1.3.2] [OptiFine] Xenon 2.4 [Click GUI | Fast speedmine | NC+ bypasses | TTF]

[Image: HAXZQ.png]
So, I had to post a new thread since someone hacked me and junked the original thread. So here we go.

Up arrow: GUI
R: Fly
C: Fullbright
B: Step
X: Xray
F: Sprint
H: SpeedMine
N: NoFall
GUI: SpeedHack
GUI: Auto Tool
K: Kill Aura
Z: Sneak
L: FastPlace
V: Freecam
Y: Chest ESP
U: Big names
O: Tracers
P: Player ESP
Comma: Nuker

NC+ bypassed kill aura
TTF Chat
Many commands, type .help.
Free! :D

All the keys are rebindable. There is a config file inside the Xenon folder in the .minecraft folder.

Post here, PM me or add me on skype if you need anything. :)

[Image: 12_09_12_15_57_03.png]
[Image: 12_09_12_16_02_15.png]
[Image: 12_09_12_16_03_05.png]
[Image: 12_09_12_16_04_23.png]

No anymore. Please stop moving/junking.

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