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Monday, 25 June 2012

[TUT] Looking like a boss when coding[TUT]

Okay so most people aren't bosses cause tey are like AWMG mc.GAYSETTINGS.GGammaSetting = 10549F; LOLOL
else blah blah.

First we be a badass by making a new package Called BrightNess.

Next We make too static voids like these.

package Speaker;
import net.minecraft.client.*;
import net.minecraft.src.*;
public class BrightnessModifier {

static Minecraft mc;
public BrightnessModifier()

public static void BrightToggled(Minecraft mc)
    mc.gameSettings.gammaSetting = 10000F;

public static void BrightDisabled(Minecraft mc)
mc.gameSettings.gammaSetting = 1.0F;   
That is my class.
Well this does the same as any other bright except we are badasses because we made it in voids.

Next go into guiingame.

And call it like this!

K time to explain dis gay shiet.
First void just sets gamma to 10000F.
Second just sets it to 1.0F.
Okay now then we make a if statement that does that or else if it is off it does dat k.
And now we wasted time to look like the shit brah.

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