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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

[TUT] Howto Organize Your Hacks 3 Easy Steps

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This is going to be a real quick simple tutorial for organization for your minecraft hacks Yeye
Step 1: Packages

Create packages to organize class files instead of putting everything inside net.minecraft.src

ClientName.Gui would hold your GUI related files.
ClientName.Main would hold your methods class (explained later) and your variables class.
ClientName.Hacks would hold all your separate hack class, this part is optional and depends if you have such class files.
Step 2: Class Files
Organizing class files can be VERY helpful in situations were to have LOTS of code to deal with, my suggestion is putting 3 lines of space between each section of code, and on the middle line put "// TitleOfCodeBelow"

// Example

if(Example) {

Step 3: Methods Class
This is probably the most important thing in organization.
A methods class is used to store all your methods, instead of putting them in places like and, making it easier to find a edit.

That concludes this 3 step tutorial, I hope this helps people so they don't waste precious time of there life's looking for code. YOLO

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