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Sunday, 24 June 2012

[Release] [1.2.5] Xenon Client 1.6 [Clickable GUI] [TTF] [OptiFine] [Sliders]

[Image: HAXZQ.png]
Many people wanted me to release this client, so here it is! More hacks will be added along the way, but for now it has a nice list of features. Here we go!

Added sliders, made GUI key changable, changed position of the drop button.

Added freecam and fixed some stuff.

Features/Keybinds (Click to Hide)

Up arrow: GUI
R: Flight
C: Brightness
B: Step
X: X-ray
F: Sprint
H: SpeedMine
N: NoFall
SpeedHack: GUI
AutoTool: GUI
K: Kill Aura
Z: Sneak
L: FastPlace
V: Freecam

More hacks will be added in the coming updates.
The keybinds are configurable. There will be a Xenon folder in your .minecraft with a config.txt file where you can change the key binds.

Screenshots & Videos (Click to Hide)

Main menu:
[Image: 08_06_12_14_41_42.png]

TTF Chat/ArrayList GUI:
[Image: 08_06_12_14_44_13.png]

Clickable/Draggable/Pinnable GUI:
[Image: 23_06_12_18_03_48.png]

Pause Menu:
[Image: 08_06_12_14_45_46.png]

Thanks 0zone.

Thanks energyblazer.

If you have any suggestions, questions, comments or concerns, post here

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  1. What are teh different colour line suppose to be when using the tracer?