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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

[TUT] How to fake an instant mine [TUT]

Step 1

For this step you will need to find GuiChat And rename it in another class of your own for this tutorial i used GuiChatSpoof.

Step 2
Now you will need to make a new class called CheckKey and make it like..

[Image: 2012-06-12_1154.png]

But now we need to make it actually do something so go into guiingame (or your own custom class) and make some variables.
[Image: 2012-06-12_1204.png]
And then make that do something.
[Image: 2012-06-12_1206.png]

But now we need to make the cheakKey activate something..
Rename GuiChatSpoof to your own class.
[Image: 2012-06-12_1207.png]

Step 3
Now u can go into your copied version of GuiChat (I used GuiChatSpoof) And find:
String s = inputField.getText().trim();
Under that you can make some fake chat messages. I used:

[Image: 2012-06-12_1210.png]

Step 4
Then you can make some people send fake chat messages with the checkkey method you have created like these examples i have made.
[Image: 2012-06-12_1212.png]

Step 5
Now finally we need to create that instant so locate your self to And locate:
[Image: 2012-06-12_1214.png]
Then change that to this:
[Image: 2012-06-12_1215.png]

Out of the 1000 checkKey threads i dont know who originally made it..

I hoped you enjoyed this tutorial :D

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