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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

[Tut] Highjump + First time[Tut]

Hi everybody! So, I'm going to try to make this post as HQ as I can as it is my first post HF Biggrin . Anyway, here is the tutorial on a good highjump!

Highjump increases your jump height by a specified multiplier

To make a highjump hack you're obviously going to need to make the toggle. If you're still on static booleans then... Whatever. Otherwise just do what you always do and name it highjump or whatever. Now to the actual code: Go to where all entities jump (EntityLivingBase) and find where it says:
protected void jump()
That's just the method that is called whenever an entity attempts to jump. Find where it increases the Y axis motion and put this:
[Image: 2c431e1a1562ebe905a99dfecf33392a.png]

Now, that should make you jump high as shit depending on how high you set your multiplier but if you look at the code you would probably realize that since this is the jump method called when any entity jumps that will literally make pigs fly :3. If, for some reason you don't like bacon from the sky, you could make it so that that code only executes when called from the class "EntityPlayer" (and make it boring) like this
if(this instanceof EntityPlayer && Hacks.highjump || Hacks.findAHack(HighJump.class).enabled){l33t hackz codes}
Well, that pretty much summarizes the whole tutorial so I hope you liked it!

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