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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

[Release] [Beta] [1.6.2] Huzuni v1.9.5 [Optifine][latest 2013 AUG]

[Image: W6qqRwW.png]
Minecraft griefing client.
[Image: QHzXD5E.png]

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[Image: wjPxOXc.png]
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Main Menu
[Image: eI3BSAQ.png]
In-game GUI
[Image: 39OyA.png]
Tabbed GUI mode
[Image: t6BHfbP.png]
Account changer
[Image: 1ZLLkUJ.png]

[Image: Fyay2w7.png]

  1. Navigate to your versions folder.
    [Image: lqLpZpP.png]
  2. There should be a folder containing your most recent version of minecraft. (EX: 1.6.2) Copy this folder over and rename it to your liking.
    [Image: CXs7gfY.png]
  3. With our new folder, you have a .json and a .jar file. Make sure both of these have the same name.
    [Image: kogU2c0.png]
  4. Open up your .json file with a text editor of your choice and edit the 'id' value. Make it whatever you'd like. That's what the launcher will recognized as the name.
    [Image: Hh3tUE0.png]
  5. Finally, drag and drop huzuni's files into the vanilla Minecraft .jar. REMEBER to delete the META-INF file.
    [Image: 0paIeob.png]
  6. Run the launcher like you normally would, but select huzuni as your jar. Good luck!

[Image: Fyay2w7.png]

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