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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Oil Derrick 2.5 [Tekkit] [3.1.2]

This is the updated version of the Oil Derrick tekkit client.

[G] ForceField
[B] Fullbright
[X] Xray (Includes tekkit ores and other stuff)
[F] Fly
[V] Speed Mine
[F8] Console
[F12] Hide/Show GUI
To adjust fly speed and speed mine speed use the arrow keys!

More key info will be added when minecraft auth servers come up again. So I can get to them.


NOFALL KEY BIND GOT REMOVED! To turn on nofall click F8 and type in nofall.

You can also add forcefield friends (So forcefield won't hit them) by clicking F8 and type friend [name].

Radar can be activated by clicking F8 and typing in radar.

How to install:
Go to the appdata folder
Open .techniclauncher
Go to bin
Put in the modpack!

Updates will be posted!
Virus scans: &

Download Here


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