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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

How to bypass your forcefield || killaura on Nocheat +

Hello everyone!
Well, Some of my friends have trouble bypassing it correctly so i decided i would help them and share it
 First up, Open a new class and call it something like "ForceField", That should do it.

Next up make a void called "start" or something you want, Now inside you need to create a for loop that loops through the entitys and attacks them.
Like this:
if(delay <= 5){
for(int i = 0; i < mc.theWorld.loadedEntityList.size(); i++){
Entity e = (Entity)mc.theWorld.loadedEntityList.get(i);

if(e != mc.thePlayer && !e.isDead && mc.thePlayer.getDistanceToEntity(entity) <= 4.5 && e instanceof EntityLiving && mc.thePlayer.canEntityBeSeen(e))
mc.playerController.attackEntity(mc.thePlayer, e);
delay = 0;

This works aswell and only hits one entity at a time and never speeds up.
You can change the faceEntity and make it a packet faceEntity.
You can also shorten this forcefield by a bit :P.
Now call the void :P.

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