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Friday, 19 October 2012

Minecraft Spam Bot in

today i will teach you how to make a spam bot for minecraft in !

first of all you will need:
-hotkeys or a button will work
- a brain ! to do the work!

first off all make a new form , name it what ever you would like !
after this pull in there the timer , the textbox , and button or if you would like to do it with hotkeys
forget it ! then you will not need a button !

for the timer code :

button code (if you want to activate it per a hotkey please let this out!):
timer1.enabled = true

button2 code :
timer1.enabled = false

hotkey (F1) to start the bot!
if e.keycode = keys.f1 then
timer1.enabled = true
timer1.enabled = false
end if

hotkey (F2) to stop the bot!:
if e.keycode = keys.f2 then
timer1.enabled = false
end if

and here if you need the key down section you will need to click up right on the top and click "keydown"
and write in there the hotkey code ! else you can write it per GetAsnycKey code which you can find
on Google dont forget google is youre friend!

a spam bot looks like this :
example(credits to google picture):

And what does a spam bot do ?? ? ?

well , it sends a message very fast so that it beginns to annoy people on a server or..... something else !

or you cann use it for a command that you have to enter a couple times !

this could look likes this when a spam bot runs:

thank you !

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