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Friday, 19 October 2012

Creating a Kill aura in

Creating in a Killaura

First of all you will need :
visual basic 2012 or 2008!
and a brain

so lets start!

first of all create a new project called ... what ever you like ....
after that you will have to make a new form(name it again ! how ever you want!)
after this
you will need from
the tool box:
1x timer
1x button

after this click on the button and paste in this code :
HTML Code:
timer1.enabled = true
Or you could try to activate the timer per a function lets say per a hotkey !
you will need to put in the getasnykey .dll function in top of the form , you can find that in google googles youre friend dont forget!
after this paste this code:

HTML Code:
if Getasynckey =  key.f1 then timer1.enabled = true else timer1.enabled = false endif
now we just need the timer code and to stop it!
HTML Code:
if Getasynckey =  key.f2 then timer1.enabled = false endif
here the timer1 code:
HTML Code:
done !
you can change the speed of the timer1 (aura speed)
with this code:
[/HTML]timer1.interval = 1.0 or less![/HTML]


test it out and have fun !

my mulitplayer hack client for minecraft will be soon done ! coded in !

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