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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

How to make Minecraft Skins

How to make Minecraft Skins!


[img]http://h.image*********/0110/latest.png[/img] Alpha 3 pre 5 Download Mirror

SkinEdit is a simple graphics editor optimized for making Minecraft skins. It got many features to make it easier for beginners to understand how Minecraft skinning works as well as all the features even experienced skinners need. With over 100'000 downloads so far the latest alpha adds many requested features such as dodge and burn tool as well as flood fill.

If you just installed the program and get a error about not being able to install the previewer:

When is asks you where to download the previewer from enter this URL instead of just clicking ok change it to this URL instead:
This is because it normally downloads the previewer from which is down right now.

Many people get this error: (mostly in Windows, though it is not impossible to get in linux/mac)
SkinEdit - alpha 3 pre 5
Error downloading preview:
java****.FileNotFoundException: .\skintest2.jar (Access is denied)
at java****
at java****.FileOutputStream.(null:-1)
at java****.FileOutputStream.(null:-1)
at swedtech.mcskinedit.panels.PreviewPane.getJar(
at swedtech.mcskinedit.panels.PreviewPane.(
at swedtech.mcskinedit.frames.ProgramWindow.(
at swedtech.mcskinedit.Launcher.main(
The error means it couldn't create the previewer file because it doesn't have permission to. Since it is not easy to run a java program with administrator properly the most simple way to fix this is to move SkinEdit to a location it can write files to, I recommend creating a folder on your desktop called SkinEdit and put it in there.

Also important: Right Click -> Open With -> Java DOESN'T WORK! Use Right Click -> Open With -> Select Default Program -> Java. This is due to a bug in Alpha 3 pre 5!

  1. Make sure you have Java installed (if you can play Minecraft you have Java installed already)
  2. Download the file, preferably with the download button, but if you have problems use the mirror
  3. Open the compressed file (.zip). Your computer should be able to do this without external programs, but 7-zip and WinRAR can handle it as well.
  4. Put the files anywhere on your computer, but note that it will be a lot easier to get 3D preview working if you put it in a folder you have write access in (For example, under Windows 'My Document' or 'Desktop' works. You can put it in a sub-folder. Under Linux any folder under your home folder should work. Just make sure to get all files if you want to get the most out of SkinEdit (such as the 'backgrounds' folder for additional backgrounds)
  5. Just doubleclick 'MCSkinEdit.jar' (Might be displayed as 'MCSkinEdit'). SkinEdit should now launch
  6. To get 3D preview working, just click ok when SkinEdit prompts you to enter the URL for the previewer. This is only done the first time you launch SkinEdit.

SkinEdit is mostly tested under Windows 7, but should work in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, newer versions of OSX and all graphical Linux versions (Tested on Ubuntu).

Here is a video tutorial by a friend of mine if you prefer video over text:

This is normally not needed!
Normally the 3D previewer gets downloaded automatically when you start SkinEdit the first time, but sometimes the downloader fails and then you need to install the previewer manually. This is usually the result of not being able to write to the current location. If you are experienced with your operating system you can launch SkinEdit as administrator which probably will allow it to download the previewer. This is only needed once. But, launching java programs with administrator status in Windows requires command prompt usage and therefore I will explain how to do it the easy way:
  1. Right click on the following link and click "Save As" or "Save Link As" depending on what browser you use. This might not work in Internet Explorer due to a flaw in it. In that case you have to use another browser.
  2. When you saved the file move it to the same place as MCSkinEdit.jar. Next time you launch SkinEdit it will find the file and you'll get 3D preview.

  • Easy to understand for a new skinner
  • Notch skin previewer embedded and updated in real-time. Will show how your skin would look in-game (by default)
  • It has the features you need the most. Burn and dodge for shading, flood fill and large brushes to paint large areas
  • Fully functional undo and redo system
  • PartPicker - A simple way of adding details to your skin!

  • Load a skin from a website
  • Direct uploading to some imagehost as well as directly applying the skin (using Notch safe method for this)
  • Better tool handling (added in pre 6)

Please note that only the bugs in the 'stable' and 'recommended' version gets listed.
  • The previewer won't work if you do not have a working Internet connection (alpha 2 - alpha 3 pre 4)
  • The program appears to be looking for files in the working direcotry instead of the program directory which causes problems in Linux distros (and possibly OSX). This means that you'll need to put "backgrounds/" and "parts/" in your user folder instead of the program folder or launch SkinEdit from terminal with "java -jar MCSkinEdit.jar" if you are a advanced user.

Left mouse - Draw the selected color
Right mouse - Erase. Only the hat will support transparent in game
Middle mouse - Copy color. Same as CTRL + Right mouse
CTRL + Left mouse - Flood fill
CTRL + Right mouse - Copy color. Same as Middle mouse
ALT + Left mouse * - Dodge tool. Best effect when dragged
ALT + Right mouse * - Burn tool. Best effect when dragged
ALT + CTRL + Left mouse * - More powerful dodge tool
ALT + CTRL + Right mouse * - More powerful burn tool

* Doesn't support brushsize currently

More shortcuts can be found in the menu.

Trying out the shading functions (dodge/burn)

Tested and works with the most common operating systems (Windows, OSX and Ubuntu)

PartPicker, introduced in alpha 3 pre 5, an easy way to add details to a skin

[img]http://h.image*********/0110/latest.png[/img] = Latest version with all new features and bug fixes. Recommended for most users.
[img]http://j.image*********/0918/stable.png[/img] = Stable and well tested version. Use if you want extra security and stability
[img]http://h.image*********/0314/unsupported.png[/img] = You shouldn't use this. Not supported anymore. Download only if you have a good reason

Since alpha 3 pre 4 you can add your own backgrounds and use. Some of the best backgrounds will be listed here for download!
For a background to work the width must be dividable by 64 and the height by 32.

Mobs reskin pack (fixed) (by: Notch, Patrik Swedman)
Unfortunately you can't preview them property, but at least you can use SkinEdit for some of your re-skin needs. Includes both a gray scale and a color version of every mob image (except zombie, which is the same as the player skin) in the size 640x320. (The problem with the color ones not being scaled has been fixed)

Improved spider template (Based of Spider Background above, by: Quiteblank)
A better template for making spiders
Download: **********

EiETemplate (by: The Eie)
A alternative to the normal backgrounds. Best viewed with a bright background and with around 70% alpha. (Will be included in alpha 3 pre 5)

PartPicker was introduced in alpha 3 pre 5 and is a way to easily add details to already existing skins, but if you're crazy enough you could create a entire skin with this feature. PartPicker simply lets you glue parts of a skin onto your own skin, such as glasses, a pair of jeans and why not your clan logo?
To add a new part you simply put it in the 'parts' folder. The file format must be .png and the size must be 64x32px. The area that isn't a part of the skin must be completely transparent (alpha 0).

To access PartPicker either go to Edit > PartPicker or simply press CTRL + P.

Some extra parts from C&C: Tiberian Sun made by Jeffman12 Download
********** Mirror

If you have problems, glitches please post below. If you use the latest version the crash handler will re-direct you to this topic to post the crash report here.

Thanks to sledman for this program!

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