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Monday, 30 July 2012

Fog key V1.2 -Slow Motion Bug Fixed!


Here's a demonstration video provided by GHOS7EH:

By default, the fog key is 'F' and it cannot currently be changed.

New to version 1.1
-Holding either shift key while pressing F will change the fog in the reverse direction.
-The F key will no longer change fog when you are using a gui (such as the chat window).

New to version 1.2
-Mod recoded to not slow game down (No longer modifies Timer class; Now modifies OceanBiome class).

NOTE: Slow motion problem fixed, but you will have to unistall version 1.1 or 1.0 if either is installed. Use the "Disable" class file provided with both those downloads.

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 Download here

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