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Thursday, 3 May 2012

[Release] Vanity 6.7 [Updates | Teleport | Godmode | TTF ]

[Image: vanitybanner.png]

Default Keybinds:

N - Nofall
Z - Sneak
` - Gui
X - Wallhack
C - Sprint
V - Speedy Gonzales
B - Fullbright
G - Tracers
R - Fly

*.tpp (must be in range)
*Fancy GUI
*Nice chat
*Friends and enemy list
*Name protect
*Rebindable keys
And much more!

Commands and syntax:
.help <1-5> - Shows selected help page.
.add - Renames a player
.lv - Toggles Lock-View for KillAura
.derp - Toggles retard-mode
.drop - Drops your entire inventory
.god - enables god mode [b]BUGGY - WAIT FOR IT TO SAY YOU DIED, THEN RELOG[/b]
.up - Flys up the selected amount
.down - Flys down the selected amount
.killaura - Toggles killaura
.tracer - Toggles tracers
.cnuker - Toggles Click nuker
.snuker - Toggles Survival nuker
.tnuker - Toggles Torch nuker
.chestesp - Toggles chest ESP
.fly - Toggles fly
.xray - Toggles wallhack
.sneak - Toggles sneak
.nofall - Toggles nofall
.fullbright - Toggles fullbright
.speedmine - Toggles speedmine
.sprint - Toggles sprint
.jesus - Toggles jesus mode
.compass - Toggles the compass
.chat - Toggles VanityChat
.autotool - Toggles autotool
.nocheat - Toggles NoCheat mode
.radar - Toggles radar (Bottom right)
.noswing - Toggles noswing
.box - Toggles ESP boxes
.noweather - Toggles weather
.nameplates - Toggles large name-plates
.killaura - Toggles mode
.msg: - Used to say ".help" for admins
.friend - Adds or deletes friend
.enemy - Adds or deletes an enemy
.tp/tpp - Teleports to coords or a player
.coords - Send a player's coords
.bind - binds a key to the selected action (in progess, currently limited)
.opac - Sets opacity (1-255)
.setstep - Sets step height
.speed - Sets timer speed

Download now: here

If you crash, download this and put them in the .minecraft root.


  1. I made this and never gave you permission to upload it. Also there is a penis in the OP