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Thursday, 3 May 2012

How to (Most of the time) get Admin on servers for free!

Its really a trick. It depends on your social engineering skills. You go to planetminecraft and search for servers there. Pick one out, and log in. It is preferably the recently updated or latest servers because the "most popular" servers have smart admins/owners. So after you go on, say you are from PlanetMinecraft and you are inspecting the plugins. Talk you way through, try not to be too demanding or sound like a griefer. This works MOST of the time (NOT ALL). It really depends on how smart the admins are, and how good you are at social engineering. Also mention you have to test out plugins. My strategy is usually saying I'm writing a review for the server and soon posting it on the website as the hot topics.

Seriously i convince this guy that i was from PlanetMinecraft and help design WorldEdit and have some *secret* commands and will show him. He took it, opped me, and i just wrecked a whole town :3.

Found this on youtube, so i do not take credit for this. I forgot who it was, i just want to spread the news because this is a really good strategy.

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