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Sunday, 11 August 2013

[Mc.hypixel] [Hack + Code] [NEW BETTER] Quakecraft Aura with prediction 1.6.2

I've already done a quake aura some days ago and I've decided to make the quake aura way better : then I release a new version for the public.

What is new ?
Better prediction :
- Take in count the ping, then the servers lag do not affect the quake aura.
- Take in count if entity can be seen after moving, then if someone is under a wall and come to you it shoot before the player see you.
- Take in count if the a block will block the firework and then shoot higher or lower.
- The prediction is remodelled to make it calculated ( not approximatively like in the previous version )
A friend system picked up on Xenon ( Was too lazy to make a file who keep them so you'll have to put them each time you restart MC ) :
.friend add
.friend del
.friend list
.friend clear

Downloads :
(Folder) (Just put on versions and choose quakeaura) Click here
(Classes) Download here
(Code Java) Download here

Press F to active the Quake Aura, F to desactive. ( X for the Quake Aura Legit ). The best way to use it is to go on a corner and wait the victims to come or to camp on the top of the map :) Free win guarranted, I almost won every game with the hack.

A screen from a game I made 5 minutes ago :

- Tempetek

EDIT 1: Reupload the real new version.

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