Hey guys i am opening a new minecraft accounts shop. These accounts will be sold via PAYPAL . If you want to buy contact me via skype. My skype id is minecraft.pro44 I am online 13 hours a day. The prices are as follow

1 alt = 50 cents

10 alt = $ 4

25 alt = $ 7.50

50 alt = $ 10

100 alt = $ 16

SKYPE: minecraft.pro44

UPDATE: I am also selling account usernames of choice for 50 cents each and accounts i can migrate to your email for $4. I am also selling my alt method that you can use to get hundreds of accounts per day for $30. . These accounts a re tested daily so you should not receive any unworking accounts but on the rare occasion that one is broken you will receive two accounts for the broken account. BUT You must notify that the account is broken upon the time of purchase.