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Friday, 7 December 2012

[Rel | 1.4.4 | Remake] Pringles [v6.5] [GUI | Best free Kill Aura | NC+ Bypasses]

[Image: vwnn6.png]
[Image: pASi.png]
[Image: 2MHLg.png]
Pringles is a client originally developed by Ramisme, after it becoming the hype of this section, I decided to spend 3 days on making a remake of it. Evidently, BASSCode leaked the client on their website, therefore making my remake pretty much invalid. This client will be released to the public for new Minecraft version's and updated contstantly, but not straying from the path that Pringles was on. Hopefully people will stop bugging Ramisme.
[Image: pwoDS.png]

[Image: G3u3e.png]
[Image: 4CAZP.png]
[Image: lFNJf.png]
[Image: FSqdx.png]
[Image: JW0B9.png]

[Image: eApJr.png]
If the download does not work, do not MSG me, simply post on the thread with your problem.

Ramisme for creating the original Pringles and giving me the idea to make this
wulf for his GUI methods
Oliver berg for his GUI methods
azami for a handy method

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