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Monday, 31 December 2012

[1.4.6] Wrath v1.5.5 [Best Aura][Perfect AutoSoup][NC+ Bypasses]

I've been slaving over a hot keyboard the past couple days to create a client I'm fairly sure you will love.

The client information is located at

Here are some screenshots:
Ingame GUI

[Image: ingamegui.png]
Main Menu

[Image: mmenu.png]

[Image: radar.png]

How to use the client:
Get in-game and type !cmds for commands, !binds for binds, and !help for help on a command.

- Fixed AutoSoup to make it work perfectly.
    - Broke search on accident. Will be fixed by 1.6.0
- Fixed the AutoSoup so that it both bypasses NC+ and stacks bowls, for all the people that asked
    - Added Search (rather laggy, simply because iterating through blocks takes time >>)
    - Added the base code for a click GUI. (can't be seen, there is no GUI yet, but there is the base for one ;))
- added a GUI radar
    - rewrote the base of the client (should run a lot faster now c:)
    - made Jesus not retarded anymore
    - removed Optifine (it broke a LOT of things)
    - removed Freecam (for now, I have it mostly working, but the
rotation yaw and pitch of the camera don't change based on the new entity's rotation >:c)
    - Added a [REDACTED] GUI in the [REDACTED] Manager, so you can access your own databases of [REDACTED]
Download Link
Download Site

I hope you all enjoy, post in this thread if there are any problems.

I fixed the obfuscation issues. Now using ZKM and having no problems. Replaced the jar on the site with a working one. Have fun.

Download Wrath at


  1. jow could you make it so it bypasses orbfuscator with x ray

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