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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

[TUT]Simple HWID Protection[TUT]

Spxrks HWID Tutorial

Hey Guys, I wanted to make up for the code dump I did a few months back on my HWID.
I classed it as a tutorial (I don't know why) but it was just me being in a dickish mood. I know this isn't the best protection but who cares.

1. Go into Minecraft.Java
[Image: Minecraft-Java.png]

2. Search for "Post Startup"(CTRL+F)

3. Delete this code underneath it
[Image: DeleteThisCode.png]

4. Add this code (Warning, Very big. Like my dick.)

5. Now add this to your variables class or whatever.
[Image: AddThis.png]

6. The code you just copied should have errors. Use Quick Fix in Eclipse and it should fix it. Also, change everything which is mine. Such as the Dropbox link. You should also change "DeityTut" to whatever class you have "verifylist" in.

7. Now download my HWID Generator. Don't worry, its clean.

8. Send that HWID Tool to whoever you're giving your client to. Make them generate the HWID and send the HWID code to you then you add that into your dropbox link.

(Sorry I didn't explain all the code lol. I wanted to do this quick and go to the shop to get a few energy drinks lolol)
Please tell me if I missed anything.

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