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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

[TUT]How to obfuscate your code, the real way[/Tut]

This tut will show you how to fully obfuscate your code without removing sound or messing up the mutliplayer.

The first thing your going to want to do is download Proguard Here.

Once you have proguard open you should be presented with this screen:
[Image: libs.PNG]

Just fill it out with your files.

After that remember to uncheck shrink because sometimes it can break some things:
[Image: Uncheck.PNG]

Now this is the main bit that you need to get right. The following packages cannot be touched:

Put those in where i did:
[Image: Obmenu.PNG]

Then as you can see at the bottoms you need to add some classes so their methods dont get changed. Do this for each line i put in there:
[Image: Addfields.PNG]

Now for the last one its just a *, so add this:
[Image: thestar.PNG]

Now you can hit next then all you need to do is uncheck the removes in optimization:
[Image: opt.PNG]

Process that Jar & your done!!! Hopefully this worked for you :)

For anyone that cant get it to work try use my config file Here

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