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Thursday, 3 May 2012

[Tut] Orebfuscater 'Bypass' [Tut]

Here's how to 'bypass' (check if ores are legit).

1. Make a method that checks bordering blocks
public boolean shouldBlockBeRenderedOrebfuscater(Block block){
(block.xpos + 1, block.ypos, block.zpos);
(block.xpos - 1, block.ypos, block.zpos);
(block.xpos, block.ypos + 1, block.zpos);
(block.xpos, block.ypos - 1, block.zpos);
(block.xpos, block.ypos, block.zpos + 1);
(block.xpos, block.ypos, block.zpos - 1);
//If one of these is air, orebfuscater doesn't block it

Wherever you render your blocks:

return Vanity.xrayblocks[block.blockID] && Vanity.shouldBlockBeRenderedOrebfuscater(block);

There, now your client only renders blocks with air bordering them, have a nice day.

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