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Saturday, 28 April 2012

[Tut] TP-crash

This is a tutorial on how to make a tp method crasher. You can use this in either a .chat command or a console command. I used a console command. Also, my crash method is in yours may be Hacks, Variables, or wherever your vars are placed in.

Lets get started. First we make the trigger:
[Image: NWIrV.png]

Now we make the tpCrash() method. This method is what ever your vars class is. It technically can be anywhere i just used my vars class:
[Image: Ke9lq.png]
This creates a loop that will run 10000 times. I used 10000 but it will still crash with a lower number. the x loop adds 8 to the players position because anything higher gives the moved too quickly error. This moves the x, y, and z up value about 80000 times its original position

Not we make the setPostition() void. This is the void used for tping the player. This void MUST be placed in the same class as tbe tpCrash() method:
[Image: Zi8sS.png]
This sets the clients position and the servers position

The outcome of all of this sends you to an invalid position and moves you so fast with so many packets it ends up overloading the server. There are more methods for crashing but this one works the best. This will crash a vanilla server in about 10 seconds. This does not work on NC servers because the have patched the tp exploit. Takes about 30 seconds to crash a dedicated bukkit server. Hope you like.

As a skid protect i made it so you will get kicked for flying. This is an easy fix if you know what to do. However to you skids you can crash servers that allow flying!
I hope to do more tutorials soon